Encounter with a veichele from another time & space > UFO

As Caroline continued her recovery from Bell’s Palsy / spinal meningitis having escaped from Mass General Hospital after the doctors there asked her for permission to drill holes in her skull ~ we were given the  opportunity to move our living quarters away from the second floor of the House of Karmu where we had our studio, Loka.

It was a great location for business @ the intersection of Green and Hancock Streets just down the hill from the Plough and Stars bar on Mass Ave, near Central and not too far away from Harvard Squares. There was also Karmu himself on the top floor who often encouraged his visitors to come see us because we were talented; had a lot of personal and professional resources and being in his good graces; he wanted us to make it and be successful.

We needed the quiet time for healing and staying balanced, away from the high vibrational intensity of the ‘Swami’s House’. Buckminster Fuller had designed the renovation of the attic apartment we moved into on Grozier Road just off of Huron Avenue in North Cambridge. Bucky Fuller had spent time @ MIT for several years and he designed the apartment so that it had a long pyramidic cylindrical ceiling and was bisected in the center by two alcoves which also had the pyramidic feature. So it was shaped like a cross and it incorporated the 4 directions. The kitchen was located to the South in the rear with the bathroom just off of the hallway entrance. In the center alcoves we had music, library and video equipment to the East and our library and meditation space to the West.  Our bed was in the front of the apartment to the North, facing windows that we had draped.

It was a very cold grey November weekday morning when I awoke and observed my immediate surroundings. There was Caroline sleeping on her side, and there was me sleeping next to her. I realized that I was experiencing a lucid dream. I was soon to find out ‘why.’ My dream body’s eyes were drawn to gaze out into the silvery steel lavender and dark grey cloudscapes to the North over the Fresh Pond Reservoir of Cambridge that borders the town of Belmont and Route 2.   In the sky waiting for me to behold,  was a multidimensional emerald pyramid. It was pulsating and I sensed that it was emitting a  humming vibration that had caused me to ‘awaken’.

On the side that was facing me there was a dark circular vortex that opened into it’s structure like a long tunnel. Toward the front of the opening it was glowing with purple iridescent light  that receded into this deep, black corridor that appeared to be connected to the depths of Infinity.

The apparition seemed to be@ least 2 miles away but I could ‘zoom in’ and see these details clearly from where I was sitting in our home. The apparition and I acknowledged each other’s presence and existence. Then it withdrew its form into that black vortex and disappeared after instantaneously condensing itself into a point of black light. This was accompanied by a wooshing  suction type of a sound that ‘popped’. I knew that I was only hearing this with my ‘inner ears’.

I realized that I was now fully awake and physically sitting up in bed, my dream body and my ‘regular body’ simultaneously superimposed upon one another. I had to lay back down to integrate these multidimensional aspects of myself back into unity. So I cuddled up with Caroline. Later, over breakfast tea I told her about it. She and I reflected quietly about it for some time.

References : ‘Contact with the Pleiades’ VOLUMES I & II ~ Swiss photographer Billy Meiers photo documentary in hardcover,  full colour photos with NO detectable ‘special effects’.  There are scores of photos documenting his  numerous contacts and the ‘close encounters’ that he’s has had with similar ‘spacecraft’ AND their passengers.


Ray Iasiello

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

Certified Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner



Karmu, the Healer, speaks about ‘Truth’

Once the ‘Chief’ as I used to address him was smiling @ me as I entered his bedroom office.  The cold afternoon light was flooding the room and the medicinal  smell of menthol and camphor permeated the air.

I was experiencing some flap about having slept with the young beautiful raven haired French woman from Montreal , Susan ‘Saint Claire’ ( or was it ‘Sinclair’ )  while my lady friend was out of town.  Whatever, it was pretty sweet and we had no regrets.

My lady friend and I had been negotiating a separation and a ‘progressive break up’ anyway. But nonetheless her response was to raise some hell with me.

For some reason the Chief decided to dispense some of his worldly wisdom on me.He said, holding his glass of port sherry up  to catch a sunbeam; “ Remember lad, in any situation there is your side of the story, my side of the story and sometimes the Truth is neither.  It can be all together different from each person’s point of view.”

I was immediately  reminded of the Japanese film, ‘Rashomon’ by the master director ‘Kurosawa’  The story depicts a murder that takes place on a remote mountainside.  During the investigation 7 persons who supposedly witnessed the act give 7 entirely different points of view ( ! )

Please take a look @ the Swami’s websitehttp://www.shaktitechnology.com/KARMU/index.htm


Ray Iasiello

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Experience of ‘tapas’ & hip problem healing experience 2011

Well ~

I did hasta padangustasana today from ardha badda padmottanasana ~

forward and lateral ~

No Problem.

It was interesting for me to have that experience in class last nite ~

For me, it was an ego purifying example of  ‘tapas’ ~

a ‘fire- like heat’  while observing my ego dealing with the fact

that I could not easily maintain the pose on either side.

And I also felt that I was being the ‘scenery’ and not experiencing myself as the Seer.

I invoked the mantra ‘om namah shivaya’ to go beyond my ‘mental discomfort’ and to bless the situation in general.

I focused upon the inner pose, my breathing and stilling the modifications of my mind.

I was also  reminded of a time when I witnessed Gurumayi publicly roast ~(put on the hot seat ) one of the swamis for giving a flip answer to someone’s inquiry during  a satsang.

Hip problem and healing process, 2010 ~ 2011

It began a year ago ~  with bad posture , stress , always kneeling to the right side

when using my laptop often late @ night

+  the fact that my hips have always been ultra flexible.

I got some helpful results from ‘tong ren’ an energy healing modality that is offered @ E Shan Tang in Allston

But didn’t really do it past a certain point.

My acupuncturist of choice retired and I was not able to find an acupuncturist I could afford.

I finally replenished supplements I take regularly incl. non-acidic vitamin C, fish oil, ubiquinol.


The husband of my friend Liz Tobin, invited me to have a free ‘chakra cleaning session’

James ( Dempsey ) contractor, rock musician ( he likes ‘Le Noise’ ), painter has been told by his spirit guides that this is a way he can be of service to others. http://thegratitudemall.com/

He trained in Reiki and his guides also have provided him with training.

So ~ he says that the hips are also the location of  chakras related to the pelvic chakra

He diagnosed that my right hip was leaking energy

The session which took less than an hour cleaned out all of my chakras

He said he had to perform a surgery on my right  hip chakra for which he used a quartz crystal.

For a couple of days I taped my own quartz crystal @ that point

Within 7 days after the session  ~ almost all of the pain disappeared.

Who knows ?

What I do know is

that my hip is 98% healed since that session

and I am continuing to be mindful of it.

@ present during this damp chilly month of May ~

it feels as though it ‘s diminishing  into a memory , no longer ‘present’ .

swa ha


Ray Iasiello

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

Certified Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner


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Flashing Forward from the Days of Acid

I met Doctor Leary ~ in April of 1982 after he and Ram Das, who for this occasion called himself by the name his parents gave him, Richard Alpert; engaged in a dialogue @ Sanders Theater hosted by the long-standing head of the Harvard Psychology Department, David McClelland ~ the same man that had kicked them out of Harvard for giving acid to students and others as a part of their research and teaching in Harvard’s Psychology Department in the 1960’s which is still located in that ivory towered white skyscraper on Kirkland Ave near the Divinity School and the Swedenborg Chapel.

They were given standing ovations upon their arrival onstage and @ the end of the program as well. Their talk was fun, funny, healing and I’m not really sure
what it’s long term impact was on ‘society’; but for that sunny warm April day ~
it felt like the sunlight of sanity and reasonableness had reappeared in the
world, brief as it was.
Dr. Walter Clark, retired faculty, also on the Harvard Psych Dept and his lovely wife, Ruth were also there.  Walter had never been fired or expelled however.  His research involved partaking of peyote sessions with medicine men and ingesting mega-doses of Hawaiian baby wood rose plant extract.
Dr Clark looked like an old, wise owl ~ not predatorial but certainly very
wise.   Looking @ his forehead you could see that his ajna chakra was wide open. When he was in the room with other people, he was present with them but he always seemed to be ‘looking @ a bigger picture’ beyond the immediate surroundings.
I knew him through my association with the SOMA Institute of which Caroline ( then Carolyn Lieff ) was on the staff of as an art therapist. Carolyn and other members of SOMA had adopted Ram Das as their spiritual advisor back in the 1960’s after he had been kicked out of Harvard, travelled to India to meet Maharaj Ji ~ also known as ‘Neem (‘the deep blue One’) Karoli Baba.
Maharaj Ji called LSD ‘yogi medicine’ and Ram Das was blown away when he gave Maharaj Ji 5 hits of acid and asked him to describe his experience to which he replied ‘Nothing has changed.’
Also on the scene back then was Bhagavan Das ~ who had met RamDas @ Neem Karoli Baba’s ashram in India. He had released a very far out recording called ‘Ah’ nothing
quite like you have ever heard before or since then. He also appears on Ram Das’
6 LP set “Love Serve Remember’.   These were the back in the days when RD had 1stpublished the book ‘Be Here Now’ in collaboration with visionary artist
,Steve Durkee who also produced the very far–out , magical, interactive book
called ‘Seed’ not as widely known as ‘Be Here Now’- which has been republished
several times and is still available.
Do you still have your copy of ‘Be Here Now’ ?
I’m not so sure that it rates as ‘scripture’
let’s say it ‘ approaches ‘ scripture.
Towards the end of their dialogue, Dr. Leary was aked the following ? by a member of the audience ; “So Doctor, how would you sum up the purpose for taking LSD and who might benefit most from taking it? “
Doctor Leary smiled and gave the following answer to all present; “ LSD is for
anyone who wants to accelerate and expand their consciousness veryfast and move way beyond where they are now.”
From my perspective and understanding, he was saying that by following this path you were going to quickly travel on an adventurous and sometimes very wild and dangerous ride and you could find yourself in another place, one better than
the one you were in before you started your trip.
Look @ his life :
When he was @ Harvard, he kind of looked like a ‘square’, sort of like 50’s TV show host, Steve Allen, a cultural icon of ‘regularness’ for that era of the pre-acid 1950’s and early‘60’s.   He owned  a large stately home in Newton, MA ( which Boston based rock band, the Cars later rented in the early 1980’s for living and rehearsing. )
Upon expulsion from the Harvard faculty, he and Alpert wound up @ a
private estate in rural New York called Millbrook, where they continued their experiments of turning people on to exploring the spectrum of different states of consciousness with psychedelics such as LSD -25.
@ Millbrook, Leary once complained that he seemed to be stuck in the role
of having the duty of being the guy who had to fuck each and every female guest
during their visit to the estate.
Leary was also onstage during the Summer of Love, 1967 ~ @ a Love-In in Golden Gate Park , San Francisco, CA where Ken Kesey, Chet Helms, the Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane and the Quicksilver Messenger Service  also performed. This was the same Summer that the Beatles had released ‘ Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.’
When asked to comment about the significance of this amazing
record; Leary told the crowd that ” …this album is drenched with drugs…” and
underscoring this the Beatles were also sending out his same message of
And Why Not ?, I figured ~
as the Johnson Administration was expanding the war upon Southeast Asia focused in Viet Nam and Cambodia, drafting young men by force to go there and to spill their blood and guts and give up their lives to fight against the menace of a communist society ?
Art Linkletter, another TV talk show icon of regularness had accused Leary of
causing the suicide of his daughter who took acid and jumped out of the window
of a Manhattan high-rise because she believed she could fly.
Soon after that Tim Leary went on the lam hiding out from the CIA.   He’s said to have travelled to Afghanistan in the 1970’s eventually being caught by the CIA, then sentenced to do time in Federal prison.
From prison, he developed theories about  human evolution and space travel, which he called ‘Neurologic’. He said  this information was channeled to him while in prison  from another dimension.   Through the support of friends and his beloved partner, Rosemary, he was released from prison. He spent time doing stand up comedy and debating Nixon fascist operator G Gordon Liddy about drug policy and related social issues. He was once quoted as saying “ I wouldn’t want to have gotten trapped in the swampy backwater that is Harvard anyway “.
After the event I was standing a couple of feet from Dr. Leary on the  floor near the stage.   He smiled @ me, his silver hair shining brilliantly under the bright lights of Sanders Theater.   I asked him if he remembered Carolyn Lieff when he was @ Harvard with Dick Alpert.   I described her as a tall, beautiful, soft spoken British woman who was an artist, model ,fashion designer who also led Sufi dancing @ the Harvard Divinity School ?
Looking into the ‘distance’ of the past , he smiled again, saying; “Yes I do remember her”.
As we moved from the 1980’s into the 90’s, Tim Leary became involved in computer technology, especially software for reprogramming one’s consciousness. He said that ‘ All of this external computer technology / hardware and software is just an externalization of what the human being is already capable of internally’.
Stephen Jobs, founder of Apple Corporation once admitted that he found acid very inspirational when he was developing his first computers.
During this phase Tim Leary collaborated with sexy Italian scientist and performance artist, Doctor Fiorella Terenzi, recording ‘music of the spheres’ using electronic signals being emitted from quasars, galaxies and planets as the orchestration.
He was said to have traded in psychedelics for tobacco and wine.   He developed
prostate cancer and announced from his home in Beverly Hills, California that “
Madame Cancer had taken up residence in my body…” and he was soon going to be a ‘goner’.
Two different cryogenic companies got into a bidding war over which firm he should entrust the removal and freezing of his brain for future resuscitation and rejoining with a human body again.
In the end he decided ‘the hell with that idea’.
I personally believe that the person’s spirit sits within the heart space which
is ‘associated with’ the physical organ but not necessarily located in the same
physical dimension, anyway. so that doesn’t bother me.
I recall the day he died .  I could sense his eternal astral and
cosmic soul travelling through the ‘bardo’, a word from the Tibetan Book of the Dead that describes the ‘void’ that exists between different planes of reality.
swa ha
Om sweet home
Travel on Tim Leary until you get ‘there’
A song written about Timothy Leary when he was alive and well back in the 1960’s is ‘Legend of a Mind’ by the Moody Blues from the album ’In Search of The Lost Chord’
Here are the lyrics :
Timothy Leary’s dead.
No,no, no, no, He’s outside looking in.
Timothy Leary’s dead.
No, no, no, no, He’s outside looking in.
He’ll fly his astral plane,
Takes you trips around the bay,
Brings you back the same day,
Timothy Leary. Timothy Leary.
Timothy Leary’s dead.
No,no, no, no, He’s outside looking in.
Timothy Leary’s dead.
No,no, no, no, He’s outside looking in.
He’ll fly his astral plane,
Takes you trips around the bay,
Brings you back the same day,
Timothy Leary. Timothy Leary.
Along the coast you’ll hear them boast
About a light they say that shines so clear.
So raise your glass, we’ll drink a toast
To the little man who sells you thrills along the pier.
He’ll take you up, he’ll bring you down,
He’ll plant your feet back firmly on the ground.
He flies so high, he swoops so low,
He knows exactly which way he’s gonna go.
Timothy Leary. Timothy Leary.
He’ll take you up, he’ll bring you down,
He’ll plant your feet back on the ground.
He’ll fly so high, he’ll swoop so low.
Timothy Leary.
He’ll fly his astral plane.
He’ll take you trips around the bay.
He’ll bring you back the same day.
Timothy Leary. Timothy Leary.
Timothy Leary. Timothy Leary.
Timothy Leary.
He is also mentioned in the Who’s song ‘The Seeker’
Pete Townshend’s lyrics are displayed here :
I’ve looked under chairs
I’ve looked under tables
I try to find the key
To fifty million fables
They call me the Seeker
I’ve been searching low and high
I won’t find what I’m after
Till the day I die
I asked my idols
The questions to my mother
I bought tickets just anywhere
Hoping to discover
They call me the Seeker
I’ve been looking low and high
I won’t get to get what I’m after
Till the day I die
People tend to hate me
‘Cause I never smile
As I ransack their homes
They wanna shake my hand
Focused in on nowhere
Investigating miles
I’m a Seeker, I’m a really desperate man!
I asked Bobby Dylan
I asked the Beatles
I asked Timothy Leary
he coulddn’t help me either
They call me the Seeker
I’ve been looking low and high
I won’t get to get what I’m after
Till the day I die
I learned how to raise my voice in anger
Now look at my face
Ain’t this a smile?
I’m happy when life’s good
And when it’s bad, I cry
I got values
But I don’t know how or why
I’m looking for me!
You’re looking for you!
We’re looking at each other
we don’t know what to do!
They call me the Seeker
I’ve been searching low and high
I won’t get to get what I’m after
Till the day I die
I won’t get to get what I’m after
Till the day I die!
His statement; “ LSD is for anyone who wants to accelerate and expand their
consciousness veryfast and move way beyond where they are now.” stayed with me.
It actually inspired me to launch an amazing adventure that involved taking 2 hits
of acid in 1984 in Cambridge, MA then driving my huge Ford Crown Victoria to
Connecticut to visit my Father one misty spring evening in late May.
Please Note that this is NOT an endorsement that anyone should undertake such an adventure, or even a similar one.
I recall once that a colleague from Mass Art’s SIM Department, Don Subhan, a
brilliant musician and ‘ wizard in the making’ had dropped acid then paddled a
canoe out into the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Maine near Bar Harbor, never to be seen again, nor the body or boat ever found.
Stay tuned for the sharing of my amazing trip and it’s reverberation throughout my life in the near future.
Until then is Now.
Ray eye.
Ray Iasiello
CertifiedHatha Yoga Teacher
Certified Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner
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Healing Experience on Martha’s Vineyard followed by Encounter with Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones

1977  was the year  in  the Summer  when Bob Dylan put out the moving scorching soul burning rock album ‘Street Legal’.  We  listened to it a LOT ~  along with the Cars 1st album  and   Miles Davis with Gil Evans, ’Sketches of Spain’ .  It was also another Summer that we were able to spend many days – @ intervals  –  on  lovely, magical, mystical Martha’s Vineyard.

On the occasion of my encounter with Dylan, Keith, Ronnie and Mick ~we
had arranged to stay on a lovely farm where we set up our tent in the shade of some woods, near the edge of the tomato fields.  In exchange for being able to stay there I would water the plants, like once a day. I had plenty of time to be on my own and remember 1 afternoon when I had taken
several ‘user-friendly’ psilocybe mushrooms in order to heal myself of  a terribly painful affliction of my nervous system that I knew that only ‘ I ’ could heal, and  on my own.  I knew that doctors would be clueless and also being shrewd ~ they’d just want to use me in their corporate-funded experiments with no good benefit for me.  My psilocybin friends certainly did help me, with the pure and gentle intention that is their nature.

In our orange tent in the warm peaceful breezy afternoon I lay on the floor, the sweet straw carpet of the Vineyard contouring beneath my bones . Rather slowly and spontaneously on that perfect and idyllic afternoon, I began to inhale and swing my arms in slow motion to the left along with turning my head in that direction.   Simultaneously, my legs, fully separated @ the feet, knees and inner thighs would swing drop
down to the right ~ and then the reverse movement would occur, synched to my breathing.   I allowed myself to surrender to this rhythm thinking that if anyone from the medical establishment was observing me they would conclude that I was having some sort of fit or seizure and would prescribe that I be given an injection of a powerful narcotic sedative.   Thank heavens, then and now ~ for ‘privacy’ and for ‘autonomy’ in making decisions about one’s own health.

This crossing of the bi-lateral hemispheres of the body helps to integrate the dual hemispheres of the brain to realign their ability to function in balance to one another ~ the right brain being related to ‘creativity’ and the left brain relating to ‘rational’, logical thought-constructs. ( REFERENCE : Gail & Paul Dennison ‘Brain Gyms’ ).   There must be some deeper relationship than those just mentioned, throughout the body ( or 4 ‘bodies’  – according to Muktananda and other authentic yogic
texts ).

Energetically ~ I could feel ‘bands’ of the very high pitched attacking vibration being gently ‘thrown out’ of my nervous system and out of my body and even out of my field of consciousness in the course of a couple of hours helped along by sipping water occasionally and resting, meditatively.   @ one point I also practiced a headstand for a couple of minutes.   Please understand that under my circumstances,I knew that by gently and carefully exploring this ‘treatment’ for my malaise I was going to achieve some degree of improvement and healing.  Each one of us is different; so I cannot state that if you follow ‘this method’ that you are going to reach the same or a similar result.

Decades  later in 2009, one of my students @ the Boston Harbor Hotel, Mary Mc G, would help me remember this  incredible movement  as she would  often spontaneously go into it when she came to class  ….

This  healing experience was a true Blessing ~ I was free of a painful and extremely distracting energy that had become trapped within my body for several years.

In any case ~ one of our hosts Rick  ~ who’s beautiful wife, Linda was
resplendently  pregnant with their first child ~ was building a
house  for his new family.   He asked me to come with  him one hot bright August morning to help manually dig out part of the basement.   As
I sweated shoveling up the muck and tossing it high and out of the basement ( while my friend conveniently went off on an errand with his truck ) ~  I began to flash in on a situation that was occurring in the Lower East Side of  Manhattan in NYC .  Perhaps this was happening in a parrallel universe and / or on the ‘astral’ plane… or .. .

I will tell you this though ~ all of the entries in my autobiography are real events that I’ve experienced ~ un-embellished and  not made up for  the purpose of seducing you readers with sensationalized factoids .

I kept flashing into it and  then I was there  in it, while @ the same time another ‘part of me’ was quite competently and presently, digging in the dirt ‘somewhere else’.   The sun was rising through the already steaming warm mists in Lower Manhattan.   No  one was around, just a few pigeons, quite surreal yet real, actually hearing the casual sounds that interspersed the silence, feeling the steamy hot morning on my skin and the shafts of sunlight piercing the sweet fresh air mingling with the inimitable, industrial atmosphere  of metropolitan New York.  In an empty brick building Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and Bob Dylan  were sitting around a table  on some old living room chairs up on the 3rd floor, acoustic guitars in hand while quietly focusing their attention on sharing various  blues licks and phrases.   Quite obvious was the fact that they were tremendously enjoying each other’s company.  Woody was a real ‘live wire’,  I noticed the light reflecting off of his hands.  I could see the sweat on Dylan’s forehead. His eyes were often closed and when open he appeared to be looking far, far away. But you could tell that he was really present by the way he responded to the musical conversation with the other two players.   Keith seemed very content to be there, listening, smiling roguishly, occasioanlly punctuating one of the others licks with a spontaneous reply.   I was there with them, especially when I noticed that they subtly welcomed my presence  ~ right @ that same time I was awake and digging out a basement foundation, near Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard.

I began to tune into Keith, his energy and vibration, his soul.  He
appeared to me to have a healthy emerald green light not only in his aura but  even in the pigmentation of his skin.   Hmmm, he looked quite ‘saturated’, I’d say.   I wondered where Mick Jagger was.   This  being thought, a field of space in the room opened up and Mick made an
appearance of sorts ~ like he was not actually in the room with us but he was acknowledging my inquiry about him by appearing in the holographic projection screen of my own field of consciousness.   Mick’s face had that mature, rugged irrepressibly smiling sneer  and he was beating on his thin muscular chest with his hands, with genuine ‘zeitgeist’,mind you.  Kinda  like the way Karmu taught us to do the ‘Thymus Tap’ to activate our immune systems.   Just below Mick’s navel was the  musky four legged body of a Lion, powerful, incredibly strong and graceful.   Instead of a lion’s tail, Mick’s hind quarters tapered into a thick long reptilian tail  ~ @ least 15 feet long ! ~ the skin of which shimmered with iridescent bronze
and copper light as it writhed and snapped, not unlike a whip.   Powerful, man.   Quite a contrast to Keith’s Peter Pan, Robin Hood and Johnny Appleseed aspects.

Keith can  be seen in an image similar to what I envisioned that day on the sleeve of the album ~ ‘Tatoo You’ which came out in 1980.   And you can take a look @ the ‘energy form’ of the  archetype that Mick was embodying as he revealed himself  to me that day on the cover of the Stones album ‘Bridges to Babylon’ which came out in the mid-1990’s,  after ‘Gulf War I’. It’s the Lion Beast figure that’s standing on it’s hind quarters roaring @ you out in a desert- like place.   I  recorded these visions into my memory banks to be brought forth and shared with
you, and with me ~ again  ~ in the ‘ here and now’.

Hallucination you say ?

~ or ~

Is  reality able to be experienced in multiple, non-linear ways, manners, ‘shapes and forms ‘ ?

Love Light Laughter,



Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

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The day I became a certified Holographic Resonance Repatterning™ practitioner

Posted by Ray under: Resonance Repattering .

In the Spring ~

May June of 2002 @ Gail Glanville’s home in Rhode Island near the water ~ lovely place –

yard, porch and neighborhood

I was observed by Ardis Osborn giving a session to a client along with several of my peers.

The session went very well

Ardis said  that I smoothly facilitated the session and  that I moved skillfully with the client while
‘holding the healing space’ helping to lead the person to a higher state of coherence.

Ray Iasiello

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

Certified Holographic Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner

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Paneurythymy session Roslindale, MA Easter ( christian ) Sunday

check this out ~


This will be my third year of joining in this wonderful exercise dance empowering and harmonizing ritual on top of the hill @ Lars Andersen Park in south Brookline, Ma. from now  until the Autumn season ends.

However this session took place in the home of one our members because Lars was / is still frozen..


We joined in a dancing circle  in the living room and walked in cadence to beautiful Bulgarian music taking particular steps with our feet and performing different arm movements ~ then we sang as we did these movements.

The  lyrics  are about ‘giving’

( recently  translated from Bulgarian into English )

‘Giving ‘ in these cosmic sense of  receiving our suns’ life-giving radiance , our joy, opening hearts  and flowers, that is ‘ life forms ‘  on the earth.  Theses actions , for me ~ were accompanied by my awareness of what emotions I was feeling and giving myself moment to moment permission to feel ‘good things’ .

Really sounds like ‘flower power’ stuff, one might say  ~ if you were not ever in such a  ‘space’ .

Then we reflected on ‘ giving’ and each one of us wrote down our thoughts on this  .

Here is what I came up with :

” I give the purity of my intention to be present and aware of the opportunity present in each moment of the continuous flow of moments to radiate positive energy openly or discretely, as appropriate to the situation. 



copyright Ray Iasiello 2015 – all rights reserved

~ accelerating your karma, purity of intention, bhramacharya ~

Since that workshop with Dona Holleman in 1986, I found myself awake aware and ready for anything one morning as I was preparing to teach a class in the Recreation program of that University who’s first name begins with ‘H’.

It was a bright frozen January morning and the then-director of the program had given us permission to teach even though not a lot of students were around because it was ‘reading period ‘ a time when students prepared for exams.

Only one woman came to class that day, we’ll say that her name was ‘Karen’.  She told me she was an administrator at the school. She was a beautiful young woman who was involved with overseeing significant functions and procedures at Harvard.

I suggested that we chant the mantra ‘Om’ at one point during her class.  She responded in an urgent whisper, a pained sorrowful expression on her face ; ” Please don’t make us say that other mantra that also has ‘om’ in it. That’s the mantra that the Swami used ~ he raped me .

” Oh , I replied, I heard that he did have sex with a number of  his female devotees.  And you’re one of those persons.  No, don’t worry, we won’t chant that mantra. ”

I summoned my ability to deal with this sensitive situation.  I also asked Gurumayi to please help me resolve this woman’s post -traumatic stress from this event that probably occurred at least 10 + years prior to that day.

As the room filled with golden-orange sunlight, reminiscent of the silken  orange robes that Gurumayi wore, I sensed her presence and her blessings of grace  as  I led Karen through a number of standing, grounding, twisting and forward-bending asanas . We ended the class with meditation in  savasana, no ‘om’ , just ‘namaste’.  It seemed that she was very pleased .

A week later I was teaching my regular class at the nearby Charles Hotel.  Karen showed up with a guy who had bleach-blonde hair, handsome with a nice 5 o’clock shadow on his face, dark framed eyeglasses; ‘Donny’   ”  ~  from California  Yes , I like surfing. “, he laughed.

You could tell from their energy, proximity and  interactions that they were obviously a couple. It really was cool to see them getting along so well~ and coming to my classes.

They came several more times between January and June ~ always happy, exuding good energy,  in harmony and at ease.   After graduation ceremonies that year , I never saw either one of them again.

( more commentary forthcoming )


copyright Ray Iasiello ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2015

further reflections ~ teaching yoga ~

Patricia Walden had moved her classes to an industrial building near Richdale Avenue in North Cambridge, MA  ( approx. 1986 ).  This did not last too long because the residents there resented ALL of the cars that took away their parking spots when people came to study yoga .  On three occasions when I was present ~ rocks were hurled into the studios windows and broke them, almost injuring people in the class.  Not too long after these incidents Patrica moved her studio to Davis Square in Somerville where she held classes for 10 years.

When we were on Richdale Avenue ~ she invited Iyengar-trained ‘Dona Holleman’ from Italy to  teach us a workshop.  It was rigorous indeed, and I sensed from her adjustments to me that Ms Holleman knew what she was doing.

I  clearly recall a statement that Dona  made

” If you want to be a yoga teacher , you really have to be pure and clean in your intentions and interactions with your students.” She continued ; ” Teaching yoga and dealing with people’s bodies and psyches will definitely accelerate your karma. ”

~ to be continued ~


copyright Ray Iasiello ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2015