Healing of Poison Ivy in my Left eye using the Indigo Ray provided by the Moon’s light

IN June of 1977 Caroline had recovered from Bell’s Palsy and spinal meningitis with the help of Karmu the healer.  She and I took the opportunity to camp out on some undeveloped land in the area known as West Tisbury on  the magical mystical island of Martha’s Vineyard.

We had a fun relaxing party -ride over on the ferry, drinking combos of ginger beer and regular beer ( Miller’s High Life’’ to be exact).   We arrived in West Tisb in the late afternoon as the sun was slowly ‘ heading out towards the Western sky’ trailing vapor-like orange and golden yellow curtains of light.    We carried our supplies through the deep dark New England rain forest which was well-stocked with ferocious mosquitoes and relentless greenheads.

We set up our campsite on a wooden platform that had been  erected in the woods by the land-owner. Darkness would soon be upon us and I was clearing some brush for our fire ~ which would help us see better and help to cook our dinner as well.  In my haste, I ended up getting poison ivy in my left eye which I realized rather suddenly  as my eye began to itch and sting intensely.

What a dilemma !!!   

Miles from a clinic, doctor or a hospital ~ this could turn out to be a major hassle that could ruin our  ‘long-weekend’ vacation  and possibly permanently damage my left eye.

In the belongings she was carrying  ~ Caroline had stashed a long pyramid – shaped quartz crystal ~ kind of like the one on Pink Floyd’s ‘ Dark Side of the Moon’ album cover ~ except that this one was real and  beautiful to behold ~ a  crystal wand that emitted a noticeable energy when you held it

I realized that I could and should use it to heal my  eye.

We were very blessed to have decided to arrive there on the eve of the full moon . I lay on the wooden platform near our tent and propped my head up on my backpack as the moon came into full view appearing  so alive in the sky above us in the clearing of the rain forest canopy. It was galactically white and the sky surrounding it  was like a cathedral of of sapphire  interspersed with vast expansive  shafts of white glowing moon beams.

I held the prism above my face beholding the light of the full moon, seeing the actual reflected image of the moon within the inner crystalline structure.  Getting down to business  ~ I relaxed even more and focused my gaze into the rainbow lunar spectrum of the 7 rays being refracted by the moon’s light that was being channeled through the prism.  I chose to look initially into the green wavelength, then past the blue and into the deep iridescence of the deeper blue indigo for approximately 1 hour, breathing in the colour and gently intending it towards, and receiving it into the area of the inflamed cornea of my  left eye.

The indigo cooled and soothed the affliction.  How it actually modulated the painful interaction of the poison ivy oils and my eye tissue is not exactly known to me ~  However I found myself very grateful, and very blessed to sense that I had become totally free from the infection that very night !

I slept quite well; then Caroline and I proceeded to have a most excellent time, resplendent with canoeing, bicycling,  photography, sun bathing , mud baths and swimming  in the deep blue indigo of the Atlantic Ocean.

Copyright Ray Iasiello 2010 ~ ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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