Faerie Ring ~ Elf Circle

Well ~I really feel that calling this ‘Faerie Ring’ alone would immediately have some readers jump to the conclusion that this story has to do with being ‘gay’ or about ‘gayness’ .   But no, that’s not it.    Elf Circle ~ I can relate to more ‘personally’…   And Yes, it is about my relationship and experience with these beautiful beings ~  faeries and elves who also populate our planet ~ or nearby our planet in a dimension so close but so far away.  Perhaps Now ~    because of the transformation of the ‘etheric web’ of our world  due to exponential expansion of the  human ( over ) population,  the internet, and the increasing saturation of ‘ human-made ’electromagnetic fields ~ cel phones with their microwave broadcast towers ~ they exist more rarely in the same vibrational frequency that we inhabit ~ but they still Do Exist ‘on’ our planet  in a nearby ~ but safely enough, far away ~ vibrational dimension.

 Caroline pointed out to me that when I shared this with her back in the 1970’s that I was one of the ‘L’ people.    The ‘L’ vibration is in my mother’s maiden name ‘Truell’ or True L.  It’s in my father’s name as well Louis NichoLas IasieLLo.   The vibration was passed on to me as my parents named me RaLph Louis IasieLLo.  

The Elves are who she was referring to.

In the late 1950’s , approximately 1958, I was 7 years old and in the 3rd grade of Saint Joseph’s Elementary School in Brookfield, CT.  It was a good year in contrast to the fear and misery I had experienced since kindergarten in the Catholic school system. Sister Marvelous was kind and recognized that I was truly bright. She did not punish or humiliate me as every other teacher had done and I experienced much less anxiety both in and outside of the classroom.

I came home from school one day in the Springtime, after Easter past the middle of April.  Mom, Dad and Gail my sister, were not there. I was alone. The sky was a light pale blue that afternoon, the misty clouds were dispersing and the budding trees and plants were waving in the breeze. It had been raining for a couple of days and now it was clearing. You could sense that rainbows appear in conditions such as these. My heart and spirit also felt bright and felt relieved to be ‘by myself’, sort of. I gazed out of the large picture window that faces the Southeast from the ‘ living room’ into our sloping yard. Almost a mile away in this direction past the yards of two of our  neighbors, across Huckleberry Hill Road towards Green Knoll Day Camp.  At that point in time all of that property on that side of the road belonged to Green Knoll  ~ most of it a thicket of undeveloped woods with sloping hills and valleys with trails, while the camp facilities were laid out around a small natural pond beyond these woods and  further down the road.

The camp was not yet open for business @ this time of the year. I was very pleasantly surprised that I could see right down into that field near the pond ~ even though the view is definitely blocked ~ even to this day~ by the woods the hills and trees, even in the Winter when the trees were without leaves.  Some years later , the camp owners son fell into the blades of a large mowing machine and they got out of the business, selling off many of the acres to developers ( perhaps to help pay for their sons medical treatment)  who interspersed the landscape with rather large houses and new roads. A few decades later in my 20’s I walked again in these woods ~ once with my friend and soul brother, Alan Blackman as we searched for solace from our intense demanding , post-high school, college lifestyles.  On another occasion by myself ~ the soul of the forest communicated to me that it was waning ~ it’s “ spirit was crying  for leaving” as Led Zepelin expressed in ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

On that day when I was 7 years old ~ for me the vista was clear.  What I saw with my young heart and innocent mind was a group of tiny luminous translucent beings who’s heads and  4 limbs ~ two arms and two legs each ~ were shaped like pentacle stars shimmering with pink and green fluids within. I could see their bright happy faces and hear their tiny voices twinkling like wind chimes, singing with joyful laughter as they pranced and danced around in a circle.

They were calling to me ~ even calling out my name ~ to come and join them ~ to be like them ~ and to go with them to be happy forever and ever. I was delighted and felt no fear whatsoever for a moment. Then I instantly realized in my heart that going with them would be the end of my life, the end of being the person who I was in the ‘outer world’. That did not bother me because I knew that in my innermost essence I was one of them.  However I realized that I would become ‘ disappeared ’ to my family, my friends and from my community, mysteriously vanished. I knew that everyone would be devastated by my abrupt and sudden absence. Perhaps my parents would not recover from the shock. There would be fear throughout the land that other children were in danger of ‘being kidnapped’, perhaps murdered or sold into slavery. All efforts to locate me would be in vain, fruitless.

From my heart I sent a message to my faerie elf friends that I knew I would be happy happy happy with them in their Land of Forever Never-ending Joy and Light,  but it was the wrong thing to do because of all of the pain it would cause to my present ‘world’. I turned my attention to other amusements available to me and awaited the return of my mother, father and sister, our evening dinner homework and television shows followed by sleep and returning to school the next day.




Ray Iasiello

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

Certified Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner



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