My Relationship with Chuck Watson

Hi Everyone  ~

 from the Brookfiled Connecticut high School Class of 1970 and Beyond ~
I last hung out with Chuck Watson in 1980.
The Chuckster was an elemental force for me to contend with.
We never really connected @ BHS ~ so I was pleased and intrigued when he called me in 1980.

Relating to him really reminded me that I had to be strong as in ‘for real’ no jive and to keep us in the ‘frequency’ of good humor.
As I said; he called me came up to Cambridge with his girlfriend and we tried to have a good time ~
a bit awkward since his g friend rammed my car accidentally crunching the trunk
She went to see Karmu the Healer in whose house my girlfriend Caroline and I had an art and media studio.

You can google Karmu ~ he was for real
Chuck gave me an acoustic guitar he had made himself and asked me to sell it locally ~ the neighborhood guitar shop ~ Sandy’s Music on Mass Ave in Cambridge said they’d buy it for $75.00
He did not want to part with it for that meager price so I got it back to him eventually.

@ the time he was living in a large former factory warehouse type of place in Hartford with a 10th floor view of Interstate 84
He and a few friends were squatting there ~
had figured out a way to tap into the electrics
and I recall enjoying a fantastic sunset with him accompanied by a couple of Heinikens
as well as some high-grade combustible entertainment one Friday afternoon when I stopped by en route to Brookfield.

A few months later he had landed in NYC ~ lived w same girlfriend in an apt on the Lower East Side
I had some business in Manhattan and they let me stay there overnight ~
the only barrier that kept the neighborhood flocks of pigeons from entering the room were a pair of long linen drapes ~ muggy ~
it was another sleepless night in NYC for me.

Chuck was working as an engineer for the metro water department
I recall him telling me that they were upgrading the system to plug the millions of gallons of aqua they were losing each day
I recall him telling me that the quality of H2O in NY state was considered to be very good.
A few months later after I had arranged for him to pick up the guitar from my sister Gail in Brookfield ~
I got a call from his same g-friend who told me that he had died from an aneurism cerebral hemorrhage rather unexpectedly

Was he not a cousin of Carol Watson of the class of 1971 ? Has anyone tried to contact her ? He and Karl Hansen were also good friends in high school. Paul Estok tells me Karl is working in Bulgaria laying gas pipelines these days.

Hey correct me if I’m wrong someone ~
but I have long since contemplated my times with him and said my Blessings.

I rest my case.

Love Light Meditation


Ray Iasiello
Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher
Certified Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner

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