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As Caroline continued her recovery from Bell’s Palsy / spinal meningitis having escaped from Mass General Hospital after the doctors there asked her for permission to drill holes in her skull ~ we were given the  opportunity to move our living quarters away from the second floor of the House of Karmu where we had our studio, Loka.

It was a great location for business @ the intersection of Green and Hancock Streets just down the hill from the Plough and Stars bar on Mass Ave, near Central and not too far away from Harvard Squares. There was also Karmu himself on the top floor who often encouraged his visitors to come see us because we were talented; had a lot of personal and professional resources and being in his good graces; he wanted us to make it and be successful.

We needed the quiet time for healing and staying balanced, away from the high vibrational intensity of the ‘Swami’s House’. Buckminster Fuller had designed the renovation of the attic apartment we moved into on Grozier Road just off of Huron Avenue in North Cambridge. Bucky Fuller had spent time @ MIT for several years and he designed the apartment so that it had a long pyramidic cylindrical ceiling and was bisected in the center by two alcoves which also had the pyramidic feature. So it was shaped like a cross and it incorporated the 4 directions. The kitchen was located to the South in the rear with the bathroom just off of the hallway entrance. In the center alcoves we had music, library and video equipment to the East and our library and meditation space to the West.  Our bed was in the front of the apartment to the North, facing windows that we had draped.

It was a very cold grey November weekday morning when I awoke and observed my immediate surroundings. There was Caroline sleeping on her side, and there was me sleeping next to her. I realized that I was experiencing a lucid dream. I was soon to find out ‘why.’ My dream body’s eyes were drawn to gaze out into the silvery steel lavender and dark grey cloudscapes to the North over the Fresh Pond Reservoir of Cambridge that borders the town of Belmont and Route 2.   In the sky waiting for me to behold,  was a multidimensional emerald pyramid. It was pulsating and I sensed that it was emitting a  humming vibration that had caused me to ‘awaken’.

On the side that was facing me there was a dark circular vortex that opened into it’s structure like a long tunnel. Toward the front of the opening it was glowing with purple iridescent light  that receded into this deep, black corridor that appeared to be connected to the depths of Infinity.

The apparition seemed to be@ least 2 miles away but I could ‘zoom in’ and see these details clearly from where I was sitting in our home. The apparition and I acknowledged each other’s presence and existence. Then it withdrew its form into that black vortex and disappeared after instantaneously condensing itself into a point of black light. This was accompanied by a wooshing  suction type of a sound that ‘popped’. I knew that I was only hearing this with my ‘inner ears’.

I realized that I was now fully awake and physically sitting up in bed, my dream body and my ‘regular body’ simultaneously superimposed upon one another. I had to lay back down to integrate these multidimensional aspects of myself back into unity. So I cuddled up with Caroline. Later, over breakfast tea I told her about it. She and I reflected quietly about it for some time.

References : ‘Contact with the Pleiades’ VOLUMES I & II ~ Swiss photographer Billy Meiers photo documentary in hardcover,  full colour photos with NO detectable ‘special effects’.  There are scores of photos documenting his  numerous contacts and the ‘close encounters’ that he’s has had with similar ‘spacecraft’ AND their passengers.


Ray Iasiello

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

Certified Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner



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