Karmu, the Healer, speaks about ‘Truth’

Once the ‘Chief’ as I used to address him was smiling @ me as I entered his bedroom office.  The cold afternoon light was flooding the room and the medicinal  smell of menthol and camphor permeated the air.

I was experiencing some flap about having slept with the young beautiful raven haired French woman from Montreal , Susan ‘Saint Claire’ ( or was it ‘Sinclair’ )  while my lady friend was out of town.  Whatever, it was pretty sweet and we had no regrets.

My lady friend and I had been negotiating a separation and a ‘progressive break up’ anyway. But nonetheless her response was to raise some hell with me.

For some reason the Chief decided to dispense some of his worldly wisdom on me.He said, holding his glass of port sherry up  to catch a sunbeam; “ Remember lad, in any situation there is your side of the story, my side of the story and sometimes the Truth is neither.  It can be all together different from each person’s point of view.”

I was immediately  reminded of the Japanese film, ‘Rashomon’ by the master director ‘Kurosawa’  The story depicts a murder that takes place on a remote mountainside.  During the investigation 7 persons who supposedly witnessed the act give 7 entirely different points of view ( ! )

Please take a look @ the Swami’s websitehttp://www.shaktitechnology.com/KARMU/index.htm


Ray Iasiello

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

Certified Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner



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