Experience of ‘tapas’ & hip problem healing experience 2011

Well ~

I did hasta padangustasana today from ardha badda padmottanasana ~

forward and lateral ~

No Problem.

It was interesting for me to have that experience in class last nite ~

For me, it was an ego purifying example of  ‘tapas’ ~

a ‘fire- like heat’  while observing my ego dealing with the fact

that I could not easily maintain the pose on either side.

And I also felt that I was being the ‘scenery’ and not experiencing myself as the Seer.

I invoked the mantra ‘om namah shivaya’ to go beyond my ‘mental discomfort’ and to bless the situation in general.

I focused upon the inner pose, my breathing and stilling the modifications of my mind.

I was also  reminded of a time when I witnessed Gurumayi publicly roast ~(put on the hot seat ) one of the swamis for giving a flip answer to someone’s inquiry during  a satsang.

Hip problem and healing process, 2010 ~ 2011

It began a year ago ~  with bad posture , stress , always kneeling to the right side

when using my laptop often late @ night

+  the fact that my hips have always been ultra flexible.

I got some helpful results from ‘tong ren’ an energy healing modality that is offered @ E Shan Tang in Allston

But didn’t really do it past a certain point.

My acupuncturist of choice retired and I was not able to find an acupuncturist I could afford.

I finally replenished supplements I take regularly incl. non-acidic vitamin C, fish oil, ubiquinol.


The husband of my friend Liz Tobin, invited me to have a free ‘chakra cleaning session’

James ( Dempsey ) contractor, rock musician ( he likes ‘Le Noise’ ), painter has been told by his spirit guides that this is a way he can be of service to others. http://thegratitudemall.com/

He trained in Reiki and his guides also have provided him with training.

So ~ he says that the hips are also the location of  chakras related to the pelvic chakra

He diagnosed that my right hip was leaking energy

The session which took less than an hour cleaned out all of my chakras

He said he had to perform a surgery on my right  hip chakra for which he used a quartz crystal.

For a couple of days I taped my own quartz crystal @ that point

Within 7 days after the session  ~ almost all of the pain disappeared.

Who knows ?

What I do know is

that my hip is 98% healed since that session

and I am continuing to be mindful of it.

@ present during this damp chilly month of May ~

it feels as though it ‘s diminishing  into a memory , no longer ‘present’ .

swa ha


Ray Iasiello

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

Certified Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner


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