Healing Experience on Martha’s Vineyard followed by Encounter with Bob Dylan and the Rolling Stones

1977  was the year  in  the Summer  when Bob Dylan put out the moving scorching soul burning rock album ‘Street Legal’.  We  listened to it a LOT ~  along with the Cars 1st album  and   Miles Davis with Gil Evans, ’Sketches of Spain’ .  It was also another Summer that we were able to spend many days – @ intervals  –  on  lovely, magical, mystical Martha’s Vineyard.

On the occasion of my encounter with Dylan, Keith, Ronnie and Mick ~we
had arranged to stay on a lovely farm where we set up our tent in the shade of some woods, near the edge of the tomato fields.  In exchange for being able to stay there I would water the plants, like once a day. I had plenty of time to be on my own and remember 1 afternoon when I had taken
several ‘user-friendly’ psilocybe mushrooms in order to heal myself of  a terribly painful affliction of my nervous system that I knew that only ‘ I ’ could heal, and  on my own.  I knew that doctors would be clueless and also being shrewd ~ they’d just want to use me in their corporate-funded experiments with no good benefit for me.  My psilocybin friends certainly did help me, with the pure and gentle intention that is their nature.

In our orange tent in the warm peaceful breezy afternoon I lay on the floor, the sweet straw carpet of the Vineyard contouring beneath my bones . Rather slowly and spontaneously on that perfect and idyllic afternoon, I began to inhale and swing my arms in slow motion to the left along with turning my head in that direction.   Simultaneously, my legs, fully separated @ the feet, knees and inner thighs would swing drop
down to the right ~ and then the reverse movement would occur, synched to my breathing.   I allowed myself to surrender to this rhythm thinking that if anyone from the medical establishment was observing me they would conclude that I was having some sort of fit or seizure and would prescribe that I be given an injection of a powerful narcotic sedative.   Thank heavens, then and now ~ for ‘privacy’ and for ‘autonomy’ in making decisions about one’s own health.

This crossing of the bi-lateral hemispheres of the body helps to integrate the dual hemispheres of the brain to realign their ability to function in balance to one another ~ the right brain being related to ‘creativity’ and the left brain relating to ‘rational’, logical thought-constructs. ( REFERENCE : Gail & Paul Dennison ‘Brain Gyms’ ).   There must be some deeper relationship than those just mentioned, throughout the body ( or 4 ‘bodies’  – according to Muktananda and other authentic yogic
texts ).

Energetically ~ I could feel ‘bands’ of the very high pitched attacking vibration being gently ‘thrown out’ of my nervous system and out of my body and even out of my field of consciousness in the course of a couple of hours helped along by sipping water occasionally and resting, meditatively.   @ one point I also practiced a headstand for a couple of minutes.   Please understand that under my circumstances,I knew that by gently and carefully exploring this ‘treatment’ for my malaise I was going to achieve some degree of improvement and healing.  Each one of us is different; so I cannot state that if you follow ‘this method’ that you are going to reach the same or a similar result.

Decades  later in 2009, one of my students @ the Boston Harbor Hotel, Mary Mc G, would help me remember this  incredible movement  as she would  often spontaneously go into it when she came to class  ….

This  healing experience was a true Blessing ~ I was free of a painful and extremely distracting energy that had become trapped within my body for several years.

In any case ~ one of our hosts Rick  ~ who’s beautiful wife, Linda was
resplendently  pregnant with their first child ~ was building a
house  for his new family.   He asked me to come with  him one hot bright August morning to help manually dig out part of the basement.   As
I sweated shoveling up the muck and tossing it high and out of the basement ( while my friend conveniently went off on an errand with his truck ) ~  I began to flash in on a situation that was occurring in the Lower East Side of  Manhattan in NYC .  Perhaps this was happening in a parrallel universe and / or on the ‘astral’ plane… or .. .

I will tell you this though ~ all of the entries in my autobiography are real events that I’ve experienced ~ un-embellished and  not made up for  the purpose of seducing you readers with sensationalized factoids .

I kept flashing into it and  then I was there  in it, while @ the same time another ‘part of me’ was quite competently and presently, digging in the dirt ‘somewhere else’.   The sun was rising through the already steaming warm mists in Lower Manhattan.   No  one was around, just a few pigeons, quite surreal yet real, actually hearing the casual sounds that interspersed the silence, feeling the steamy hot morning on my skin and the shafts of sunlight piercing the sweet fresh air mingling with the inimitable, industrial atmosphere  of metropolitan New York.  In an empty brick building Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards and Bob Dylan  were sitting around a table  on some old living room chairs up on the 3rd floor, acoustic guitars in hand while quietly focusing their attention on sharing various  blues licks and phrases.   Quite obvious was the fact that they were tremendously enjoying each other’s company.  Woody was a real ‘live wire’,  I noticed the light reflecting off of his hands.  I could see the sweat on Dylan’s forehead. His eyes were often closed and when open he appeared to be looking far, far away. But you could tell that he was really present by the way he responded to the musical conversation with the other two players.   Keith seemed very content to be there, listening, smiling roguishly, occasioanlly punctuating one of the others licks with a spontaneous reply.   I was there with them, especially when I noticed that they subtly welcomed my presence  ~ right @ that same time I was awake and digging out a basement foundation, near Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard.

I began to tune into Keith, his energy and vibration, his soul.  He
appeared to me to have a healthy emerald green light not only in his aura but  even in the pigmentation of his skin.   Hmmm, he looked quite ‘saturated’, I’d say.   I wondered where Mick Jagger was.   This  being thought, a field of space in the room opened up and Mick made an
appearance of sorts ~ like he was not actually in the room with us but he was acknowledging my inquiry about him by appearing in the holographic projection screen of my own field of consciousness.   Mick’s face had that mature, rugged irrepressibly smiling sneer  and he was beating on his thin muscular chest with his hands, with genuine ‘zeitgeist’,mind you.  Kinda  like the way Karmu taught us to do the ‘Thymus Tap’ to activate our immune systems.   Just below Mick’s navel was the  musky four legged body of a Lion, powerful, incredibly strong and graceful.   Instead of a lion’s tail, Mick’s hind quarters tapered into a thick long reptilian tail  ~ @ least 15 feet long ! ~ the skin of which shimmered with iridescent bronze
and copper light as it writhed and snapped, not unlike a whip.   Powerful, man.   Quite a contrast to Keith’s Peter Pan, Robin Hood and Johnny Appleseed aspects.

Keith can  be seen in an image similar to what I envisioned that day on the sleeve of the album ~ ‘Tatoo You’ which came out in 1980.   And you can take a look @ the ‘energy form’ of the  archetype that Mick was embodying as he revealed himself  to me that day on the cover of the Stones album ‘Bridges to Babylon’ which came out in the mid-1990’s,  after ‘Gulf War I’. It’s the Lion Beast figure that’s standing on it’s hind quarters roaring @ you out in a desert- like place.   I  recorded these visions into my memory banks to be brought forth and shared with
you, and with me ~ again  ~ in the ‘ here and now’.

Hallucination you say ?

~ or ~

Is  reality able to be experienced in multiple, non-linear ways, manners, ‘shapes and forms ‘ ?

Love Light Laughter,



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