Paneurythymy session Roslindale, MA Easter ( christian ) Sunday

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This will be my third year of joining in this wonderful exercise dance empowering and harmonizing ritual on top of the hill @ Lars Andersen Park in south Brookline, Ma. from now  until the Autumn season ends.

However this session took place in the home of one our members because Lars was / is still frozen..


We joined in a dancing circle  in the living room and walked in cadence to beautiful Bulgarian music taking particular steps with our feet and performing different arm movements ~ then we sang as we did these movements.

The  lyrics  are about ‘giving’

( recently  translated from Bulgarian into English )

‘Giving ‘ in these cosmic sense of  receiving our suns’ life-giving radiance , our joy, opening hearts  and flowers, that is ‘ life forms ‘  on the earth.  Theses actions , for me ~ were accompanied by my awareness of what emotions I was feeling and giving myself moment to moment permission to feel ‘good things’ .

Really sounds like ‘flower power’ stuff, one might say  ~ if you were not ever in such a  ‘space’ .

Then we reflected on ‘ giving’ and each one of us wrote down our thoughts on this  .

Here is what I came up with :

” I give the purity of my intention to be present and aware of the opportunity present in each moment of the continuous flow of moments to radiate positive energy openly or discretely, as appropriate to the situation. 



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