further reflections ~ teaching yoga ~

Patricia Walden had moved her classes to an industrial building near Richdale Avenue in North Cambridge, MA  ( approx. 1986 ).  This did not last too long because the residents there resented ALL of the cars that took away their parking spots when people came to study yoga .  On three occasions when I was present ~ rocks were hurled into the studios windows and broke them, almost injuring people in the class.  Not too long after these incidents Patrica moved her studio to Davis Square in Somerville where she held classes for 10 years.

When we were on Richdale Avenue ~ she invited Iyengar-trained ‘Dona Holleman’ from Italy to  teach us a workshop.  It was rigorous indeed, and I sensed from her adjustments to me that Ms Holleman knew what she was doing.

I  clearly recall a statement that Dona  made

” If you want to be a yoga teacher , you really have to be pure and clean in your intentions and interactions with your students.” She continued ; ” Teaching yoga and dealing with people’s bodies and psyches will definitely accelerate your karma. ”

~ to be continued ~


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