~ some comments and statistics about my practice and teaching of Hatha Yoga ~

I began to teach hatha yoga full-time in 1994.

For the 1st ten ( 10 ) years, I taught 15 to 19 classes for every 7 day week.

Let’s say that I taught 17 classes per week  between 1994 through 2004.

That’s 884 classes per year for 10 years = 8,840 classes.

From 2005 through 2010 I taught 13 classes per ( 7 day ) week; so that’s 676 classes per year ~ the sum total being 6,760 classes over these  5 years.

From 2011 through 2014, a three year period, I taught 10 classes  per week.

That’s 520 classes a year .

Sum total is 1,560 yoga classes .

So ~

from my ‘full-time’ start in 1994 through the recently finished year of 2014 ~

I have taught approximately 17,160 yoga classes over this period of 20 years .

It is probably closer to 18,000 classes if a more  accurate count is taken

My classes and students  have ranged from private clients, special needs clients who are dealing with life-threatening illness, elementary and middle-school kids, teenagers in public school phys ed programs, senior citizens, college, graduate students, staff and faculty at major universities, at corporations and in fitness  centers and spas throughout greater Boston.

Certifications and ‘registrations’ ( RYT ) are good to have ~   so are 20 + years of experience ‘ in the field’.

I ‘hold’ 2 certifications ~

1 was earned over the course of 16 years of offering hatha yoga seva in the global hatha yoga department of Siddha Yoga Meditation- the SYDA Foundation.  This involved  undergoing continuous in-depth training while practicing, assisting and teaching yoga classes and workshops   between 1988 until  2004 in Siddha Yoga meditation centers, ashrams and public programs.

The other certification is from ‘Finding Inner Peace’ Yoga & Stress Reduction Center located in the greater Boston area, which I obtained in 1998, approx.  I went on to become part of the FIP faculty for 2+ years after completing my certification there, helping to train and certify others who wanted to become yoga teachers.

~ The goal of yoga ~

is the practice of yoga ~

Love OM Peace,



copyright Ray Iasiello ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2015


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