yoga –

 ~ meaning Hatha Yoga ~ 
the physical practice involving asana, breath- awareness and meditation
This is the 2nd meaning
as taught to Arjuna by Lord Krishna ( who was also his charioteer ) –
as depicted in the Bhagavad Gita :
‘ Yoga is the practice of the cultivation of skill in the performance of of Action without attachment to results ‘
` to me – this means ;
‘ Go beyond your aversion to failure 
 &/or your aversion to success ‘
and ‘go beyond your infatuation with failure , 
& / or your infatuation with success ‘
Make an authentic move – or non-movement. 
Do your Best
Get into the feeling level of perception. 
Dont get distracted by the appearance level of perception. 
If it feels good  ~
if it feels ‘better’ 
it matters MORE than what it may
or may not
look like – 
( eventually, instantaneously the beauty will be self-evident in the form )
love    om   ~   R  –  eye

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