NUTRITIONAL RADIATION PROTECTION – incl. hygiene and visualization POST April 2011


 HYGIENE : ~  To eliminate radioactive fallout from entering your body, wash yourself with soap and water, shower, bathe with epsom or bath salts, baking soda will also be effective if nothing else is available.

Wash your clothes

Infrared sauna ~ to detoxify body tissues

VISUALIZATION :   Unlimited number of times throughout the day & night:Imagine yourself surrounded by light that is protecting your DNA, your cells, and ALL of You from radiation.   You can certainly extend this to include your loved ones as well.

NOW LET’S ADDRESS FOODS : ~   Organic, locally grown and non – GMO  ( whenever possible )

Food to Avoid :   sugar , wheat

 Seaweeds   contain natural iodine ~ they should be used daily ( flakes, bulk seaweed, or tablets ) to prevent your thyroid from absorbing radioactive iodine ~ one of the radioactive by-products that are being released from the Fukushima nuclear disaster still ongoing in Japan.   Ideally one prevents iodine deficiency before radioactive iodine becomes available, say in your local water supply from radioactive rainfall.

Fresh foods that contain accessible minerals and phyto-nutrients:   Beta carotenes as found in  beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, yams, winter and related squash

Greens rich with calcium such as : kale, collards, chard, spinach, mustard greens, broccoli, cabbage, arugula, bok choy


Turnips, radishes, cauliflower, burdock root, avocados & bananas( high in potassium which inhibit the uptake of radioactive cesium )

 Dried beans, especially  lentils

Miso broth with kelp

Tempeh ( fermented soy , builds red blood cells  )

Organic yogurt

Reishi mushrooms

Black tea

Green tea

Cod liver oil, fish oil (certified, high quality ONLY )

Olive oil, flax seed oil ( 1st ‘cold pressed’ method is superior )


Spirulina  ~  supports strengthens T cell activity and a stronger immune response = less radioactivity absorbed.

(Order  Spirulina powder thru me via ~ bank + major credit cards accepted via Pay Pal only )


Here is the alphabetical listing of premium quality products

available thru me via PURE ENCAPSULATIONS

that you can use to supplement your dietary intake.

Let me restate that ~:

‘ Supplements  are best used to  supplement  your diet of foods, not to replace them.’

You can obtain  these directly thru my website 

then ~

just clik on the Pure Encapsulation link on the Home page -left index .

Alpha lipoic acid ( antioxidant )

 Astaxanthin ( antioxidant )

 Ashwagandha ( immune support )

 B 12 ( stops cobalt 60 )

 Beta Carotene, mixed carotenoids

 Calcium ( blocks strontium from going into skeleton )

Citrus flavinoids ( quercitin, hesperiden as an alternative )

Coenzyme Q 10  incl. ubiquinol ( antioxidant form of CQ10 )

EPA / DHA fish oil ( omega three’s )

Gingko leaf extract

Green tea extract


Iodine  (potassium iodide) ~  helps prevent absorption of radioactive iodine your thyroid

 Iron ( stops plutonium )

 Glutathione ( repairs DNA )

 Mushroom extract incl.  Reishi mushrooms

 Nettle extract ( sexual organ  protection )


 Red Clover  extract( blood purification )

 Saint John’s wort  , aka  hypericum ( for skin protection and healing )

 Selenium  ( immune support )

 Sodium alginate ( blocks GI absorption of strontium ).

 Sulfur ( reduces amount of radiation  your body can absorb).

 Vitamin C

 Vitamin D

 Vitamin  E

 Vitamin K

 Zinc  ( blocks radioactive zinc 35 )


Some supplements if taken in excess,can have undesirable effects. 

You are advised to consult your physician / health care practitioner of choice  for more information  & precautions about using any of these products.

Pure Encapsulations Customer Service and myself are also available to help you with your choices.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Please Note :  This post is a work- in –progress . 

Please stay tuned for more of the latest and alternative  info on

how to protect yourself and be healthy

during these dynamic times of change that we are NOW living in.

Special Thanks to my colleagues and friends,  Devi Susman, Janabai Raymundo and Maida Uhlig for their sharing and advice on this subject. 


the foods list is largely credited to Susun Weed :

Thank You.,
with Best Wishes for Your Highest  Well-Being.


Ray Iasiello

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

Certified Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner




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