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Resonance Reaptterning® is a process that makes it possible for us to create positive change in any area of our life where we experience limitation.  Through the Resonance Repatterning process for positive change, we are able to identify how our problems provide us with an opportunity to move to a higher level of coherence, order and awareness. Ultimately, all positive change involves moving to higher states of coherence within ourselves. Problems simply let us know that we hav areas of non-coherence that need to be identified and transformed. ”

At this time in our world, Resonance Repatterning (www.ResonanceRepatterning.net ) is quickly proving to be a very relevant and highly effective means for individuals, couples, families and groups to resolve and transform problems, issues and conflicts of both inner and outwardly manifesting symptoms throughout the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of daily life. Using the methods of Resonance Repatterning™, people on every continent are achieving extraordinary results, often immediately.
Resonance Repatterning™ is based on a foundation of principles from quantum physics, psychology, kineseology and the time honored ancient healing systems of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medecine. Unlike theraputic counselling, an RR session is not so much talking about what you feel and think in a stream of free-associating consciousness. As a client-based modality, the practitioner and the person receiving the session make an agreement to partner both of their energy systems in order to be able to access the truly essential intelligence that is found within the human being. This intelligence includes our logical, rational, linearlly- thinking left brain, but is certainly not limited to the conscious, cognitive, waking state areas of our awareness. We not only go into the mind as such, but ‘beyond the mind’ so that information from the other areas of our system essential to our process of transformation, can let us know what it is we need to know in order to transform and heal the issue(s) at-hand.
The practitioner knows the RR process. The clients energy system has all of the information about his / her entire life stored within. This information also includes ancestral family patterns passed down through generations. It is actually the client’s system that directs both practitioner and client through the session. This is accomplished through the use of our own binary software tool of the muscle-checking indicator. Related to kineseology, also known as ‘muscle testing’, the practitioner – maintaining neutrality – checks one of the clients limbs – usually an arm, to determine whether or not the client is resonating with statements that are relative to the issue(s) of the session. The issue(s) of the session have also been elicited from the client in partnership with the practitioner who, having been given the express permission of the client to do so, uses the muscle checking indicator to help determine which is/are the necessary topics that must be brought to light in order for the transformative process of positive change to occur. Nothing is forced, coerced or arbitrarily determined by the practitioner who holds the intention of conducting the RR session for the highest well-being and coherence of the client.
Often the result of this is that very surprising, seemingly unrelated pieces of information are brought to our conscious attention. Verified by muscle testing, we then use any number of specific ‘self-healing’ Modalities for Transforming Resonance patterns so that we no longer resonate with “what is life-depleting” and that we do fully resonate with “what is life enhancing,” relative to the topic of our session.
Quoting Chloe Faith Wordsworth , the creator of Resonance Repatterning™; ” . . . this process is based on principles of resonance. It is significant to remember that what we resonate with is what actually manifests in our lives. Scientific research has proven that matter and energy are interchangeable and that energy pulses at different rates or frequencies. This means that our thoughts, feelings, organs and tissues all vibrate at their own unique frequency. When these frequencies lose their optimal pulsation you find yourself unconsciously resonating with poor health, unhappy relationships, or limitation in any area of your life. Resonance Repatterning™ allows you to identify and transform this negative resonance as easily as you would change the waveband or frequency of a radio station. The program you experience depends on the “waveband” you are tuned into, whether this is success or failure, joy or depression, health or sickness. When you resonate with, or are tuned into wavebands of positive life-enhancing beliefs and possibilities, your whole experience of life spirals up to a higher energy state, giving you a new perspective, transformed experiences and opens you to unlimited possibilities.”

Please NOTE –
Resonance Repatterning sessions can be done ‘in -person’ where both the client and the practitioner are face to face in the same location. The principles of quantum physics that span and include the physical universe and the fabric of time also allow and fully support the process where the client and practitioner are not located together physically. This facilitates genuine sessions that are done on the telephone without having to be physically present.
I invite you to experience this modern process based on the time honored principles of universal physics, the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medecine, as well as your own ‘inner knowing’. Fully certified as a practitioner of Resonance Repatterning™, I have been thoroughly examined by my teachers and mentors of the Resonance Repatterning™ Institute over the years of the RR certification and skill-renewal process. I know how to professionally facilitate the various aspects of the RR process and I’m able to effectively maintain my own coherence while assisting others during their process of transformation.

You’re welcome to contact me via Ray@RayIasiello.com or @
617 852 – 6479.
With highest wishes for Well Being,
Ray Iasiello

The trademarks ‘Resonance Repatterning™ and Holographic Repatterning®
are used under license from Chloe Faith Wordsworth.

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‘the $ Slave ~ my post Repatterning session perceptions’



* My life feels more real and I’m relaxing into happiness.

* I feel that tuning into the Love frequency is of the utmost importance @ this time.

 * Our world needs the awareness of that vibraion right Now .

 * The $ slave issues are still relevant and I’m dealing with them effectively with a balance between passion and dispassion ~ ‘eveness of mind’.

 * I’m closer to experiencing the holy grail along with others and bring this more into the world to be shared with others on all levels and in All ways.

* $ comes from my connection to the Universal Energy Field.

 * Forgiveness for the seemingly external prepetrator of my situation, realizing that they appeared because I needed their ‘help’ to ‘work it out’.

 * I have a higher level of understanding of the Inner Realm: that it is Best to be married and grounded in the practical realm of daily practice.










Ray_I , October 27th, 2010.





Ray Iasiello

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

Certified Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner



1 example of How to Be ON for ‘Everything IS Really ALL Right’

On Thursday, the 18th of November, 2010~ Elizabeth Tobin + I repatterned ourselves to be ON for ‘Everything Is Really All Right.’

Our Daily Positive Action for experiencing this
was given its power by performing a guided meditation
( from Healing Family Patterns  Resonance Repatterning manual ) in which the vital essence of our father’s lineage
and then our mother’s lineage were brought into our awareness and conjoined.

The daily pos action that we are ON for is  ~
‘ I pray to god more frequently throughout the day ‘.


‘ I believe in the goodness of human nature ‘.

Resonance Repatterning is not a religion, it’s not a new age gimmick ~ it’s a finely crafted tool for refining and transforming your consciousness and being ~  so
you can experience and attain what you truly desire.
I wish more of you would check it out ~ we as a society , as the human race – would all be doing better if more of us explored this .
Learn more about it on our websites :


and  :



Ray Iasiello
Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher
Certified Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner



Transformation for relating to Prostitute Situations

Posted by Ray under: postcards to Cleopatra / Resonance Repattering

I withdrew from  a situation last year that I initially helped out with as Cleopatra called several men  to please come and assist, rescue her from a major plumbing problem that had flooded her home.  I told her that that her outreach to all of these guys was excessive, to say the least. Her reply to me was that she was using ‘the Power of her Pussy’ to get these guys worked up so that they would run over and help her  out ~ she had no intention of paying them $ ~ everyone knew she was experiencing financial scarcity @ that time ~ She told me that each man would fall into the mistaken delusion that she was probably going to ‘put out’  for him.

Having dealt with ‘her Royal Highness’ for 7 years by that time; I observed that she staged her communications with each one  so that he would  believe that he was the only special one who was really helping her out.

Instead of turning to her family ~ her  well-connected and capapble beautiful princess daughters ~ to help her out, she was enjoying the energy of using this crisis  as a means to  get herself and  these men all worked up so that they would carry out her wishes to her own ‘unique’ specifications.

I left that situation in the light of a beautiful Summer day ~ and never went back.

A couple of months later I received an invitation from her . I turned it down.

I could tell that her ‘ modus operandi’ or  ‘operational motive’ simply had not changed,

Swa ha ~

I just want to steer clear of this kind of ‘maya’ in my life

When I find myself putting on ”an act’ occcasionally to please or fulfill the expectations of aother person ~ I want  to be more effectively authentic, ‘ for Real’ so that the situation is what it is supposed to be and nothing more.

Though this is my personal connection with the ‘Prostitute’ ; here are the new, coherent resonancies that I’m in tune with as a result of partiipating in  the recent Repatterning facilitated by my colleague, Liz Tobin ( part of the ‘Transforming Money $ Archetypes and Karmic Patterns’ series ) :

ON  I realize that money is a natural out-flow of living in integrity.

ON  I  spend my time wisely.

ON   People can get what they need free of having to prostitute themselves.

ON  Humanity lives in integrity and trusts in the Divine that our survival is
assured and we will always have what we need when we need it.

ON I treat myself with compassion and understanding around money
matters and the choices I have made. I am at peace with my
choices and I welcome change in the present. I am courageous,
aligned and safe.

The next session is coming up on April 14th, 2011 .

It is called ‘The Money $ Avoider’

As it’s being done by proxy you can participate just by registering, giving your permission, and be @ the location of your choice @ the time of the session.   You can even go about doing other activities during the session. You’ll be sent a report once the session is completed.

Register here : http://liztobin.com/cmd.php?Clk=4135098

Resonance Repatterning™ is an authentic way to create real change in both the inner and outer fabric of your reality. What really I like about it is that it is a ‘non-political’ way of doing so.

I’m looking forward to being in this proxy group session with you on April 14th, 2011 ~

with All Best Wishes for your

and  for Our

collective Well- Being,

Ray eye


Ray Iasiello

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

Certified Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner



A Dream Revealation from Gurumayi to Me

My 2,700 square foot penthouse loft in Boston’s Financial District was formerly occupied by the legendary photographer, Ralph King.   My landlord, Jim Jason and neighbor Ted Jensen said  that he partied high with models and raised a lot of hell there  during the 1970’s.  They also told me that he got out of town  and went to the Big A ~  New York City where perhaps he might be less noticed by the authorities.   While I did not tell my LL that my parents had named me Ralph ( and that  I had changed my name to Ray in July of 1980 ), I did assure him that my hell-raising days were over and he had nothing to worry about.    That was before I invited the beautiful creative genius Ramszy, who taught authentic Arabic dance  to live with me when she lost her little apartment in East Boston. ( Her 2 adorable cats, Douba and Chiki also came along ~ they certainly eliminated any visits by mice and other rodentia from the 6th and 7th floors of 103 Broad Street ! )   It was also before Jo Ann Rose lived with me when her 40-something roommate of several years got involved with an insanely jealous and insecure teenager from Pakistan who just wanted to ‘totally eliminate’ JRF if you know what I mean.

Well ~ here it was, now 1997 and I was still living and teaching yoga there.  I had survived these chapters of ‘co-inhabiting’ the space with Ramszy followed by JoAnn Rose.   They had also survived as well; and each of my relationships with these two women had progressively evolved.

 I often slept in the front  ( Broad Street ) end of the loft in a room that was sheetrock on 3 sides while the front wall was rough hewn stone ~  ( obviously from a time when this building was on the harbor front adjacent to East India Row~ which still exists today and is the site of the two residential  hi-rises known as Harbor Towers who’s construction back in the 1970’s kept the Harbor area from falling into total dereliction and I believe, actually sparked the Renaissance of the  mid-1990’s gentrification of the entire area ~ including the ‘Big Dig’ and it’s replacement by the Rose Kennedy Greenway. 

 As I drifted off to sleep and awoke in the dawn I was greeted by the sentinel clock face of the Custom’s Tower ~ very surreal like a Dali or a Di Chirico painting ~ peering in from the diagonal ceiling mounted skylight window ~ in its pre-Marriot time- share conversion state, somewhat languishing from disuse.

One cold grey November day I awoke and sat up on the edge of my bed.   I realized that my body was still in bed sleeping and that it was my ‘dreaming body’ that was awake.  At the time I had a subscription to the magazine ‘American Photography’ ~ a copy of which was on the floor near the bed.  I was drawn to pick it up having scanned it last night just before going to bed.  Leafing through it in my lucid ‘waking’ dream , I exclaimed;  “Oh, I didn’t notice, How about that?  Here’s a picture of Gurumayi in black and white presiding over a satsang with a room full of devotees”. My eyes gazed upon Gurumayi’s profile serenely relating to these people for several breaths. Then ~ her face and body, seated in her chair ~ turned towards me.

It was like a camera zooming in and / or her face became close –up. It was Now in full living colour as well ( ! )  and she held my gaze with her eyes, steady and cool.  I perceived that behind her laser-like expression was also a delightful joy that translated to me as ‘compassion’.  She must have waited for me to get ’ that’ and without further hesitation she spoke to me directly :   “ Ray, I am going to kill  you ( the person who  you are ) so that you can become the person that you can be”.   She withdrew a pistol from her robe, aimed it @ me and this incident ended with an expansive flash of  white light.   I awoke about a half hour later and recalled this profound exchange for ‘some time’.

Soon, her prophetic statement would begin to come true.   In 1998 I began to negotiate with and arranged to bring the 1stHolographic Repatterning® practitioner to the Boston area, the charismatic and creative Susana.   She initiated me into HR and we collaborated on exposing this wonderful and effective healing modality to many persons throughout greater Boston.   During the course of these events~ it made total sense to me that I should be learning how to do this myself to enhance my own self -improvement and also to help empower others with this gentle but powerful form of ‘quantum healing‘.  Please see my website for more information about my journey of becoming a certified practitioner of ( formerly ) Holographic ~ now referred to as ‘Resonance Repatterning ’.  http://www.rayiasiello.com/aboutHR.html  ALSO :     http://www.rayiasiello.com/HRprac.html

I hosted Susana 4 times in 1999.  Through our enthusiastic efforts she gained numerous clients in her new career as a practitioner of HR.    I became the organizer of a series of seminars working with Michelle, a certified teacher of the process on how to become a practitioner of HR.    We all knew each other through our involvement in Siddha Yoga Meditation  centered in South Fallsburg, New York in the Catskill mountains.  Susana helped direct the Hatha Yoga Department there and had been a resident of the ashram for some time.   ( From 1994 to 2004, my focus in Siddha Yoga was to offer my seva ( service) in the Hatha Yoga Department).   I visited the Shree Muktananda Ashram 2 to 3 times a year for days to weeks @ a time, learning about the Siddha Yoga approach to Hatha Yoga and performing spiritual practices as made accessible by participating in the ashrams daily schedule.   

 In 1997 I visited the temple of ‘Bade Baba’ ~ Bhagawan Nityananda  who had been Baba Muktananda’s guru.  It was before dawn.  In the temple meditating in the presence of Bhagwan Nityananda’s ‘murti’ ~ his larger than life statue in which his ‘spirit’ resided, I had a vision:   Baba Muktnanda entered the temple quietly and he indicated to me to notice Susana who was also in the temple meditating.   Baba conveyed to me that I was to take Susana by the hand and help lead her out of the ashram to another place so that the rest of her life could unfold as it was supposed to.

In 1998, approximately, Susana did leave SMA and returned to her mother’s home in Miami, Florida where she had grown up after her family had come to the USA from Castro’s Cuba. We had been in contact and I offered that she should come to Boston to teach some yoga workshops that I would organize.  She mentioned offering the community here her services as an HR practitioner.  When she actually got here, it was the Holographic Repatterning®that people wanted and needed from her and not the yoga.  I helped arrange for her to hold some presentations @ the Finding Inner Peace Yoga and Stress Reduction Center( where I was on the faculty ) on Boston’s South Shore and she was a hit ~ someone who scores of people wanted to have individual sessions with.   She took me out to dinner towards the end of her 1st visit here @ Jae’s restaurant in Boston’s Theater District near ‘Park Plaza’ as an expression of her appreciation for my having helped her.  After dinner, I told her about my vision and Baba’s guidance about telling me to help her transition to another chapter of her life after being in the ashram for so long.   She stated that this was a total projection on my part and that in NO WAY did she feel that this was true and wanted me to know that she was not having any part of it.

Well ~ from that moment on our relationship became quite adversarial ~ she wanting to disassociate herself from me as much as possible except in  regards to me  connecting  her with clients ~ and me wanting to continue to develop both a professional and personal relationship with her.     I recall going through a couple of ‘dark nights of the soul’ during this painful yet creative time.    Holographic Repatterning® certainly helped me deal with my pain and non-coherent patterns that were contributing to the situation.    Actually ~ I realized that my focus @ that time as being in the role of ‘organizer’ was to reach out to  persons who wanted to  become empowered  by learning how to become practitioners of HR.     Susana’s focus, understandably, was about developing a broad base of clientele who she could help and who, in turn would help her to have a means of supporting herself.  

There are many details and circumstances that occurred that do not need to be discussed here.  She went on to get married to a colleague and long-time friend from Toronto and her career pathway continues to unfold.   I went on and  continued to host and hold together the budding community of Boston area students of HR; eventually becoming certified myself in 2002.

Off the record~ I have heard from a very reliable source ~ that Gurumayi stated that Repatterning was acceptable  as an additional way that people could use to help heal themselves of their ‘samskaras’ ( karmic patterns often associated with pain, ignorance and limitation ) along with spiritual practice.    Over time ~ now going on 11 years since then ~ I am a lot happier, a lot lighter, a lot healthier and there is so much less anger in my field of consciousness that I am  a significantly different person.  I truly feel much more on the way to fulfilling and manifesting  the potential of who I can truly be in this lifetime.


  Ray Iasiello  Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher  / Certified Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner http://www.RayIasiello.com      617-852-6479

The day I became a certified Holographic Resonance Repatterning™ practitioner

Posted by Ray under: Resonance Repattering .

In the Spring ~

May June of 2002 @ Gail Glanville’s home in Rhode Island near the water ~ lovely place –

yard, porch and neighborhood

I was observed by Ardis Osborn giving a session to a client along with several of my peers.

The session went very well

Ardis said  that I smoothly facilitated the session and  that I moved skillfully with the client while
‘holding the healing space’ helping to lead the person to a higher state of coherence.

Ray Iasiello

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

Certified Holographic Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner

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