REPORT: Balancing the Fire Element with Yoga + Resonance Repatterning

Hi Everyone ~

Thanks for participating.
PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU CAN STILL PARTICIPATE ~ Right Now @ This Present Moment. Just PayPal the fee of $ 25.00 to me  and you too will come into full resonance with the shifts outlined in this report.  In Resonance Repatterning, we understand and interact with our world, the Universe and reality based on the principles of quantum physics which hold that ‘All Moments ARE contained within the present moment.’

It turned out that this event was a proxy-in workshop.
Having thoroughly marketed the event thru my own channels
as well as the Kundalini Yoga Ashrams thorough outreach,
the only ones who actually registered
were those of you who trust that this process can and does work effectively
over distances without you having to be physically present .
I performed it @ my top floor apartment here in lovely south Brookline instead of driving the 60 miles to + from Millis
There were 2 significant actual Kundalini Yoga practices that I had been initiated in during my visits to the Ashram that I employed in the process.
I’ll state that these practices as they are conducted by the 3HO teachers are most often done with intense vigor and they do invoke the fire element of our human energy fields.

In Resonance Repatterning™ ~ my experience is that being gentle is what is actually required in order to actually produce shifts.
Remember, our intention here is to balance the fire element ~ not to get it to expand to the magnitude + intensity of a solar flare.

Here is your report :


‘Upavistakonasana ‘ a seated yoga asana with legs set @ a wide angle ~ raising + lowering arms in sync to breathing while chanting the ayurvedic sounds ( bija’ seed ‘syllable mantras ) for each chakra :
‘lam, vam, ram, yam, ham, om’ with various ‘mudras’ ~ arm and hand gestures

( I am listing ALL of the statements in their present stae of coherence )

ON ~ I let go of all negative thought forms + self destructive behavior.
ON ~ I face all endeavors with heart, courage and enthusiasm
ON ~ My digestive system + immune systems have the fire element working properly to nourish me, protect me and to heal me.
ON ~ I care about and consider the well-being of all animals in all that I think and do throughout my days.

WOOD ELEMENT COHERENCE ( Wood feeds Fire ~ Wood is the ‘parent’ of Fire )

ON ~ I express my creativity by going into action
ON ~ I exert a positive control over my finances

Wood Element non-coherencies :

OFF ~ I cannot attain my vision
OFF ~ I expand my business and fail to earn more $
OFF ~ I have lost my vision for what I am doing

Note : the Wood element relates to ‘vision’ ie ‘direction to grow towards’

WATER ELEMENT COHERENCE : ( Water feeds Wood ~ Water is the ‘parent’ of Wood )

ON ~ I have the ambition and the drive to create Abundance for myself and others.

FIRE ELEMENT COHERENCE : ( Water controls Fire ~ when these elements are ‘in balance, this is optimal. )

ON ~ I receive from ALL elements ~ fire earth metal water wood*
as well as the air and space ( ether ).**

*elements according to traditional Chinese Medecine, acupuncture
** elements according to Ayurveda

SEASONAL REPATTERNING ~ Planetary Frequencies

OFF ~ Uranus > I am rude and care only about my own agenda
ON ~ Earth > I Am Abundant ( Fire is the parent of the earth element ).

These have all been done by me proxying for our groups individual and collective energy system.
You do not have to do them. However I have listed descriptions of them in case you want to learn more about them ~
some are easy and accessible and for others ,you should find a qualified teacher who you feel comfortable with.
Yoga Asanas :

• Urdvha Prasarita Eka Padasana ~ ‘ upright extended one leg’ then the other ~ a standing split. ~ I used the wall in my hallway for this one.
• Matsyasana ~ ‘the fish pose’ ~reclining on back, the thoracic spine is arched and the chest and throat are lifted away from the floor while the crown of the head stays on the floor
• Constructive Rest Position ~ lay on back with feet seperated , knees bent and together, arms relaxing out from shoulders with elbows bent, palms turned up ~ then moving the hands and wrists to cross and rest beneath the chin upon throatalso known as ‘Cooks Crossing ‘ with Shambavi Mudra ( eyes crossed and turned upwards towards crown of skull )

Energy Contact points :

• Use of OM tuning fork on Wood Point of Lung ( Metal ) meridian ~ thumb of left hand X 3~ preceded by placing a drop of essential oil ‘spikenard’ on this point ~
• Bringing the metal and wood elements into balance ~ metal being the ‘controller’ of wood, wood being the parent of fire.

• Use of OM tuning fork on Fire element Point of the Heart Protector Meridian ~ middle of palm of right hand X 3 ~ preceded by placing a drop of essential oil ‘palo santo’ from the Ecuadorian rain forest on the point. 1 final application was done using the acupuncture chart of this meridian in the ‘Transforming Meridian Patterns ‘ manual.

Yoga Asanas :

• ‘Breath of Fire’ aka ‘Khumbaka’ or in Resonance Repatterning™ known as ‘steam engine breath’
• followed by Sirsasana ~ headstand



Visit Lynne McTaggert’s website @ least once and practice this daily ~
If you do not have a steady 10 minutes each and every day @ the reccommended time in whatever time zone you are in ~
practice it wherever you are and during whatever else you are doing for @ least 3 minutes,
holding the vision steady in your heart and mind.

An intro and link are provided here : Intention of the Day: The Gulf Oil Spill
Every day at 1 pm US Eastern Standard Time

This is just a reminder that we now have started a daily intention to heal the Gulf Oil spill.

I’ve recorded a little video to guide you through this intention, which you can view by following this link.

So I’d like to suggest that we hold our intention every day at 1 pm Eastern Daylight Savings time for BP’s engineers and all involved parties to be successful in their efforts to end the Gulf oil spill and to clean up the sea, marine habitat and surrounding beaches.

Remember, as angry as we are about the situation, let’s maintain a positive intention to BP’s engineers who are working, much as the Apollo 13 engineers did, on creating a new means to stave the flow of oil. Our intention should support all of BP’s efforts to create diversionary relief wells for the spill, with minimum impact on the ecosystem of the seas.

Every day that you can, please come onto our website at 1 pm Eastern DST to send the following intention. As you send this intention, please mentally imagine the relief wells being successfully dripped. Imagine with all your five senses in great detail.

‘My intention is for BP’s engineers to immediately and successfully divert the Deepwater Horizon oil leak with no long-term damage to the environment.’

PLEASE NOTE THAT 2 DAYS after this Hatha Yoga Resonance Repatterning Workshop took place that this intention was fulfilled.


PRINT OUT and post this list
where you can look @ it daily
ADD to the list whenever you think of another tangible idea.
Share with friends and family casually, whenever appropriate.
also from Lynne McTaggert’s blog parody of Paul Simon’s ’50 Ways To Leave Your Lover’.
50 Real Ways to Cut Down on Petroleum Use ~
Avoid or cut down your use of:
1. Gasoline or kerosene for any reason
2. Bottled water in plastic
3. Prescription and non-prescription drugs
4. Ordinary cosmetics
5. Baby oil or petroleum jelly
6. Synthetic rubber or latex pillows
7. Most paint brushes and rollers
8. Many kinds of mops and cleaning utensils
9. Ordinary paint
10. Processed food with artificial colors, flavors and preservatives
11. Any fruits and vegetables wrapped in plastic (complain to your supermarket)
12. Candles made of paraffin wax
13. Garden and personal insecticides and herbicides and insect repellents
14. Vinyl or other synthetic flooring
15. Ordinary cleaners for carpets and floors, including wax
16. Toiletries that don’t have natural ingredients, particularly hand and body lotions
17. Disposable diapers and all other ‘disposables’
18. Disposable contact lenses
19. Man-made fibers (lycra, polyester, nylon, rayon, spandex)
20. Acrylic paint
21. Asphalt
22. Plexiglas, fibreglass and latex
23. Teflon
24. Many types of carpets
25. Fabric softeners
26. Air fresheners
27. Cleaning agents that are not eco-friendly, including oven and toilet bowl cleaners
28. Plastic shower curtains
29. Plastic glasses
30. Perfumes and colognes with artificial fragrance
31. Ordinary nail polish
32. Plastic toys
33. Silver polish
34. Dishwasher detergent
35. Ordinary toothpaste
36. Artificial sweetener containing saccharin
37. Synthetic sponges
38. Many types of soaps
39. Chewing gum
40. The insides of food cans, paper wrappers, paper cups and often boxes and cartons, and lids of jars
41. Picnic plates and cutlery
42. Many dyes, including hair dye
43. Plastic bags
44. Crayons
45. Vitamins contained in capsules
46. Rubbing alcohol
47. Latex bandages
48. Vaporizers
49. Any cooking utensil not made of wood or metal
50. Hairspray

And here are 20 things to do instead:

20 Non-petroleum Ways to Live
1. Use natural remedies instead of prescription or non-prescription drugs
2. Use eco cosmetics and fragrances, including natural nail polishes
3. Eat organic and local
4. Use eco-toiletries and re-use the containers
5. Use things that are bottled in glass, and fill your life with things made of wood, stone, paper, metal, glass or ceramic
6. Always carry a reusable cloth bag with you for shopping
7. Consider natural family planning, which does not require a product made from plastic, such as condoms and diaphragms
8. Cook with metal and glass
9. Cook from scratch when possible
10. Use eco-paints and painting fluids
11. Sleep on natural pillows, if possible
12. Use organic and non-toxic forms of insecticides and herbicides in your backyard or garden
13. Wear cotton, silk, linen or wool
14. Whenever you go to use your car, think first: do I really need to drive?
15. Think twice before upgrading your computer, phone, game consoles and other toys
16. Give your children toys made of natural materials
17. Use natural flooring
18. Breastfeed, rather than using plastic bottles
19. Use cooking and cleaning utensils made of natural materials
20. Take tablets, not capsules

There’s a lot to choose from here.
Enjoy your time helping to create a new ,healthy and more positive world.
Remember, as LM says; ‘BP also means ‘Being Positive’
Thanks for allowing me to be of service to you in this way.


Ray Iasiello
Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher
Certified Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner


Ray Iasiello
Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher
Certified Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner