NUTRITIONAL RADIATION PROTECTION – incl. hygiene and visualization POST April 2011


 HYGIENE : ~  To eliminate radioactive fallout from entering your body, wash yourself with soap and water, shower, bathe with epsom or bath salts, baking soda will also be effective if nothing else is available.

Wash your clothes

Infrared sauna ~ to detoxify body tissues

VISUALIZATION :   Unlimited number of times throughout the day & night:Imagine yourself surrounded by light that is protecting your DNA, your cells, and ALL of You from radiation.   You can certainly extend this to include your loved ones as well.

NOW LET’S ADDRESS FOODS : ~   Organic, locally grown and non – GMO  ( whenever possible )

Food to Avoid :   sugar , wheat

 Seaweeds   contain natural iodine ~ they should be used daily ( flakes, bulk seaweed, or tablets ) to prevent your thyroid from absorbing radioactive iodine ~ one of the radioactive by-products that are being released from the Fukushima nuclear disaster still ongoing in Japan.   Ideally one prevents iodine deficiency before radioactive iodine becomes available, say in your local water supply from radioactive rainfall.

Fresh foods that contain accessible minerals and phyto-nutrients:   Beta carotenes as found in  beets, carrots, sweet potatoes, yams, winter and related squash

Greens rich with calcium such as : kale, collards, chard, spinach, mustard greens, broccoli, cabbage, arugula, bok choy


Turnips, radishes, cauliflower, burdock root, avocados & bananas( high in potassium which inhibit the uptake of radioactive cesium )

 Dried beans, especially  lentils

Miso broth with kelp

Tempeh ( fermented soy , builds red blood cells  )

Organic yogurt

Reishi mushrooms

Black tea

Green tea

Cod liver oil, fish oil (certified, high quality ONLY )

Olive oil, flax seed oil ( 1st ‘cold pressed’ method is superior )


Spirulina  ~  supports strengthens T cell activity and a stronger immune response = less radioactivity absorbed.

(Order  Spirulina powder thru me via ~ bank + major credit cards accepted via Pay Pal only )


Here is the alphabetical listing of premium quality products

available thru me via PURE ENCAPSULATIONS

that you can use to supplement your dietary intake.

Let me restate that ~:

‘ Supplements  are best used to  supplement  your diet of foods, not to replace them.’

You can obtain  these directly thru my website 

then ~

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Alpha lipoic acid ( antioxidant )

 Astaxanthin ( antioxidant )

 Ashwagandha ( immune support )

 B 12 ( stops cobalt 60 )

 Beta Carotene, mixed carotenoids

 Calcium ( blocks strontium from going into skeleton )

Citrus flavinoids ( quercitin, hesperiden as an alternative )

Coenzyme Q 10  incl. ubiquinol ( antioxidant form of CQ10 )

EPA / DHA fish oil ( omega three’s )

Gingko leaf extract

Green tea extract


Iodine  (potassium iodide) ~  helps prevent absorption of radioactive iodine your thyroid

 Iron ( stops plutonium )

 Glutathione ( repairs DNA )

 Mushroom extract incl.  Reishi mushrooms

 Nettle extract ( sexual organ  protection )


 Red Clover  extract( blood purification )

 Saint John’s wort  , aka  hypericum ( for skin protection and healing )

 Selenium  ( immune support )

 Sodium alginate ( blocks GI absorption of strontium ).

 Sulfur ( reduces amount of radiation  your body can absorb).

 Vitamin C

 Vitamin D

 Vitamin  E

 Vitamin K

 Zinc  ( blocks radioactive zinc 35 )


Some supplements if taken in excess,can have undesirable effects. 

You are advised to consult your physician / health care practitioner of choice  for more information  & precautions about using any of these products.

Pure Encapsulations Customer Service and myself are also available to help you with your choices.

These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Please Note :  This post is a work- in –progress . 

Please stay tuned for more of the latest and alternative  info on

how to protect yourself and be healthy

during these dynamic times of change that we are NOW living in.

Special Thanks to my colleagues and friends,  Devi Susman, Janabai Raymundo and Maida Uhlig for their sharing and advice on this subject. 


the foods list is largely credited to Susun Weed :

Thank You.,
with Best Wishes for Your Highest  Well-Being.


Ray Iasiello

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

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Recent postcard to Cleopatra ~

My friend in Maine, who i visited last September;

She has a sticker in her enclosed patio kitchen ~

I can see her sitting across the table from me

with a happy smile on her face

and spontaneous laughter

about where she has been

and where she is now.

Behind her is the sticker

Which says;

‘She Who Laughs, Lasts’

Somehow ~ there was ‘no way’

that this did not remind me of


Experience of ‘tapas’ & hip problem healing experience 2011

Well ~

I did hasta padangustasana today from ardha badda padmottanasana ~

forward and lateral ~

No Problem.

It was interesting for me to have that experience in class last nite ~

For me, it was an ego purifying example of  ‘tapas’ ~

a ‘fire- like heat’  while observing my ego dealing with the fact

that I could not easily maintain the pose on either side.

And I also felt that I was being the ‘scenery’ and not experiencing myself as the Seer.

I invoked the mantra ‘om namah shivaya’ to go beyond my ‘mental discomfort’ and to bless the situation in general.

I focused upon the inner pose, my breathing and stilling the modifications of my mind.

I was also  reminded of a time when I witnessed Gurumayi publicly roast ~(put on the hot seat ) one of the swamis for giving a flip answer to someone’s inquiry during  a satsang.

Hip problem and healing process, 2010 ~ 2011

It began a year ago ~  with bad posture , stress , always kneeling to the right side

when using my laptop often late @ night

+  the fact that my hips have always been ultra flexible.

I got some helpful results from ‘tong ren’ an energy healing modality that is offered @ E Shan Tang in Allston

But didn’t really do it past a certain point.

My acupuncturist of choice retired and I was not able to find an acupuncturist I could afford.

I finally replenished supplements I take regularly incl. non-acidic vitamin C, fish oil, ubiquinol.


The husband of my friend Liz Tobin, invited me to have a free ‘chakra cleaning session’

James ( Dempsey ) contractor, rock musician ( he likes ‘Le Noise’ ), painter has been told by his spirit guides that this is a way he can be of service to others.

He trained in Reiki and his guides also have provided him with training.

So ~ he says that the hips are also the location of  chakras related to the pelvic chakra

He diagnosed that my right hip was leaking energy

The session which took less than an hour cleaned out all of my chakras

He said he had to perform a surgery on my right  hip chakra for which he used a quartz crystal.

For a couple of days I taped my own quartz crystal @ that point

Within 7 days after the session  ~ almost all of the pain disappeared.

Who knows ?

What I do know is

that my hip is 98% healed since that session

and I am continuing to be mindful of it.

@ present during this damp chilly month of May ~

it feels as though it ‘s diminishing  into a memory , no longer ‘present’ .

swa ha


Ray Iasiello

Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher

Certified Resonance Repatterning™ Practitioner

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Paneurythymy session Roslindale, MA Easter ( christian ) Sunday

check this out ~

This will be my third year of joining in this wonderful exercise dance empowering and harmonizing ritual on top of the hill @ Lars Andersen Park in south Brookline, Ma. from now  until the Autumn season ends.

However this session took place in the home of one our members because Lars was / is still frozen..


We joined in a dancing circle  in the living room and walked in cadence to beautiful Bulgarian music taking particular steps with our feet and performing different arm movements ~ then we sang as we did these movements.

The  lyrics  are about ‘giving’

( recently  translated from Bulgarian into English )

‘Giving ‘ in these cosmic sense of  receiving our suns’ life-giving radiance , our joy, opening hearts  and flowers, that is ‘ life forms ‘  on the earth.  Theses actions , for me ~ were accompanied by my awareness of what emotions I was feeling and giving myself moment to moment permission to feel ‘good things’ .

Really sounds like ‘flower power’ stuff, one might say  ~ if you were not ever in such a  ‘space’ .

Then we reflected on ‘ giving’ and each one of us wrote down our thoughts on this  .

Here is what I came up with :

” I give the purity of my intention to be present and aware of the opportunity present in each moment of the continuous flow of moments to radiate positive energy openly or discretely, as appropriate to the situation. 



copyright Ray Iasiello 2015 – all rights reserved

~ accelerating your karma, purity of intention, bhramacharya ~

Since that workshop with Dona Holleman in 1986, I found myself awake aware and ready for anything one morning as I was preparing to teach a class in the Recreation program of that University who’s first name begins with ‘H’.

It was a bright frozen January morning and the then-director of the program had given us permission to teach even though not a lot of students were around because it was ‘reading period ‘ a time when students prepared for exams.

Only one woman came to class that day, we’ll say that her name was ‘Karen’.  She told me she was an administrator at the school. She was a beautiful young woman who was involved with overseeing significant functions and procedures at Harvard.

I suggested that we chant the mantra ‘Om’ at one point during her class.  She responded in an urgent whisper, a pained sorrowful expression on her face ; ” Please don’t make us say that other mantra that also has ‘om’ in it. That’s the mantra that the Swami used ~ he raped me .

” Oh , I replied, I heard that he did have sex with a number of  his female devotees.  And you’re one of those persons.  No, don’t worry, we won’t chant that mantra. ”

I summoned my ability to deal with this sensitive situation.  I also asked Gurumayi to please help me resolve this woman’s post -traumatic stress from this event that probably occurred at least 10 + years prior to that day.

As the room filled with golden-orange sunlight, reminiscent of the silken  orange robes that Gurumayi wore, I sensed her presence and her blessings of grace  as  I led Karen through a number of standing, grounding, twisting and forward-bending asanas . We ended the class with meditation in  savasana, no ‘om’ , just ‘namaste’.  It seemed that she was very pleased .

A week later I was teaching my regular class at the nearby Charles Hotel.  Karen showed up with a guy who had bleach-blonde hair, handsome with a nice 5 o’clock shadow on his face, dark framed eyeglasses; ‘Donny’   ”  ~  from California  Yes , I like surfing. “, he laughed.

You could tell from their energy, proximity and  interactions that they were obviously a couple. It really was cool to see them getting along so well~ and coming to my classes.

They came several more times between January and June ~ always happy, exuding good energy,  in harmony and at ease.   After graduation ceremonies that year , I never saw either one of them again.

( more commentary forthcoming )


copyright Ray Iasiello ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2015

further reflections ~ teaching yoga ~

Patricia Walden had moved her classes to an industrial building near Richdale Avenue in North Cambridge, MA  ( approx. 1986 ).  This did not last too long because the residents there resented ALL of the cars that took away their parking spots when people came to study yoga .  On three occasions when I was present ~ rocks were hurled into the studios windows and broke them, almost injuring people in the class.  Not too long after these incidents Patrica moved her studio to Davis Square in Somerville where she held classes for 10 years.

When we were on Richdale Avenue ~ she invited Iyengar-trained ‘Dona Holleman’ from Italy to  teach us a workshop.  It was rigorous indeed, and I sensed from her adjustments to me that Ms Holleman knew what she was doing.

I  clearly recall a statement that Dona  made

” If you want to be a yoga teacher , you really have to be pure and clean in your intentions and interactions with your students.” She continued ; ” Teaching yoga and dealing with people’s bodies and psyches will definitely accelerate your karma. ”

~ to be continued ~


copyright Ray Iasiello ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2015

further comments ~ teaching yoga

To be doing this, I have to repeat a statement that Gurumayi ( Swami Chidvilasananda ) made to those of us who were involved in offering our energy and skills in the seva of  teaching hatha yoga to others in Siddha Yoga Meditation centers, ashrams  and programs :

” Teaching hatha yoga is an honor , a privilege and a blessing. “

I began to do this, actually in 1980 ~ after having completed an 8 week course with James Rippy,  ‘Rip’, a martial arts, scientist – master of sorts who lived with his wife, son and daughter in the Newtowne Courts housing development off of Main Street in Cambridge near Central Square. Persons individually began to find me and ask me to tutor them~ which I did in between being a graphic artist and production consultant. I welcomed this . Not only was I proficient at it; I also realized that I was able to communicate and easily share it with others.

It was in 1984 that I  was first asked to teach a hatha yoga class on a Sunday morning after the ‘Guru Gita ‘ chant @ the Boston ashram located in Chestnut Hill, South Brookline, Massachusetts. The usual teacher had gone away for the weekend and was unable to be there. I had been studying Iyengar style hatha yoga with Patricia Walden in Cambridge for about a year.

This style is very rigorous , exacting in it’s attention to detail and demands  a persons total attention while performing the asanas.  The feedback I got from several of the people who attended ~ all of them meditators ~ was that ‘it was too intense ‘ and that ‘I killed them’ .

I have realized over years of self -practice and  study with teachers of other styles of hatha yoga ~ that the Iyengar method , though it is a bountiful source of information and can be a comprehensive foundation for one’s practice ~ is simply not suitable for everyone who wants to experience the challenges and benefits of having a yoga practice.

At that time however, I was so much ‘on fire ‘ with the shakti of my sadhana of Siddha Yoga meditation ~  that the Iyengar method was perfect for me.

It helped me develop a deeper awareness of my entire body; it helped me become more aware of the workings of my mind ( often, while I endured Patricia’s practice of having us hold asanas like ‘janu sirsansana’  ( head -to- knee pose~ a forward bend ) and sirsansana’ ( headstand ) for 5 to several to 10 or 12 minutes, sometimes with variations and, at other times ~ just by holding the pose with no ‘entertaining ‘ variations.

To be continued ~ love om peace


copyright Ray Iasiello ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2015

~ some comments and statistics about my practice and teaching of Hatha Yoga ~

I began to teach hatha yoga full-time in 1994.

For the 1st ten ( 10 ) years, I taught 15 to 19 classes for every 7 day week.

Let’s say that I taught 17 classes per week  between 1994 through 2004.

That’s 884 classes per year for 10 years = 8,840 classes.

From 2005 through 2010 I taught 13 classes per ( 7 day ) week; so that’s 676 classes per year ~ the sum total being 6,760 classes over these  5 years.

From 2011 through 2014, a three year period, I taught 10 classes  per week.

That’s 520 classes a year .

Sum total is 1,560 yoga classes .

So ~

from my ‘full-time’ start in 1994 through the recently finished year of 2014 ~

I have taught approximately 17,160 yoga classes over this period of 20 years .

It is probably closer to 18,000 classes if a more  accurate count is taken

My classes and students  have ranged from private clients, special needs clients who are dealing with life-threatening illness, elementary and middle-school kids, teenagers in public school phys ed programs, senior citizens, college, graduate students, staff and faculty at major universities, at corporations and in fitness  centers and spas throughout greater Boston.

Certifications and ‘registrations’ ( RYT ) are good to have ~   so are 20 + years of experience ‘ in the field’.

I ‘hold’ 2 certifications ~

1 was earned over the course of 16 years of offering hatha yoga seva in the global hatha yoga department of Siddha Yoga Meditation- the SYDA Foundation.  This involved  undergoing continuous in-depth training while practicing, assisting and teaching yoga classes and workshops   between 1988 until  2004 in Siddha Yoga meditation centers, ashrams and public programs.

The other certification is from ‘Finding Inner Peace’ Yoga & Stress Reduction Center located in the greater Boston area, which I obtained in 1998, approx.  I went on to become part of the FIP faculty for 2+ years after completing my certification there, helping to train and certify others who wanted to become yoga teachers.

~ The goal of yoga ~

is the practice of yoga ~

Love OM Peace,



copyright Ray Iasiello ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 2015