Asana Yoga Description

“Asana” [AH-suh-nuh] is the core of any yoga practice and is defined as “any posture that is both steady and comfortable.” By practicing flowing sequences (vinyasa) and static poses with appropriate physical effort, focused mental attention and breathing, asana is achieved. The result is a stronger body, more peaceful mind, alertness and better concentration. Options for all levels are offered to help you respect your limitations and honor your ability to reach your growing edge

Hatha Yoga Hatha Yoga, Asana-Basic Definitions "Hatha Yoga" literally means the Uniting ('Yoga') of opposing energies ("Ha" ~ Sun    "Tha" ~  Moon ) . It refers to the practice of the discipline of harmonizing the mind and the body with Spirit, a process in which the mind moves towards clarity and stillness and the body is purified, strengthened, and toned. This causes one's total Awareness to expand, deepen and opens the doorway to spontaneous Creativity. "Asana" literally means posture. Patanjali, the ancient Indian sage who is credited with first setting down the principles of yoga in writing, says that 'asana' is any posture that is both steady and comfortable, characterized by stillness, out of which Joy arises.

Teaching Statement

multi-level Hatha Yoga Classes - Ray-Yoga ~ Teaching Statement

Open to persons of all ages and abilities; We explore the "how to" and the benefits of reclining, seated, standing, twisting, forward/backbending & inverted poses along with the exploration of pranayama* and meditation. Deepen and expand your ability to focus your awareness: Learn to develop and sustain energy, inspiration and calmness. Improve your sense of balance,posture, physical strength and flexibility. (*Pranayama-traditionally defined as "breath control" can also be interpreted as, "opening to the flow of the Universal Energy.") See how you can benefit from the practice of Hatha (“sun, moon”) yoga in both your personal life as well as in any field of endeavor - athletic, artistic, scientific, technical etc. Develop breath awareness Explore Vinyasa - " particular step " the linking together of poses in flowing sequences; Sun Salutation A, B & the Moon Salutation. Learn the benefits of the 6 Tibetan Rites for Health and Longevity. Incorporate healing modalities and brain hemisphere integration exercises from the Resonance Repatterning™ healing system.Currently, I teach in the Harvard University Recreation Program ~ my class is called ' ASANA VINYASA Virtual Flow ' - open to members and affiliates of the Harvard University community.

Moving into 'Hasta Padangustasana' ~ Ray Iasiello, 2004 photocredit: MelindaBruno

Ray Iasiello has been practicing Hatha Yoga for 48+ years and teaching in the Boston area for 25+ years. Ray's commitment to exploring this path has led him to experience its benefits and has inspired him to share this knowledge with others who are seeking to improve the quality of their lives. Ray's involvement in Siddha Yoga Meditation was significant in inspiring him to become a Hatha Yoga teacher. His own practice and teaching unfolds from a synthesis of his understanding and employing different styles of hatha yoga based upon the essential principles of Siddha Yoga Meditation. Initially, his training with Patricia Walden was in the style of BKS lyengar (1984 - '89). Between 1984 and 2004, Ray offered seva ( service ) as a Hatha Yoga teacher in the Siddha Yoga Meditation Center, Boston and the SYDA Foundation in South Fallsburg, NY and in  California -  where he attended trainings, retreats and meditation intensives. In 1993 @ SMA, Ray also studied with John Friend who was offering seva by training Siddha Yoga hatha yoga teachers. During this time, John was assisted by Doug Keller who authored the book 'Yoga - the Anusara Way'. In 2004 Doug , myself and others stepped out of the 'limitations ' of this approach.  Ray has also studied extensively with Barbara Benagh in Boston (1993 - present) and acknowledges her as a major influence on his teaching. In 1993, his video "Hatha Yoga for Home Practice" was first published. In 1997, he completed certification as a Mind-Body Yoga Teacher at Finding Inner PeaceYoga/Stress Reduction Center in Abington, MA. Joining the faculty there, Ray contributed his skills in the training and certification of subsequent classes of yoga teachers until 2001. In 1999, Ray began studying Holographic Repatterning ® ( susequently renamed Resonance Repatterning™). Developed by Chloe Faith Wordsworth, RR is a system that empowers individuals to shift their resonance in relation to problems, issues and challenges, transforming them through positive change, often with extraordinary outcomes. In 2002, Ray achieved certification as an RR practitioner. Since then, he has merged aspects of  Resonance Repatterning™ with the practice of Hatha Yoga, allowing individuals to further transform their experience of day to day reality both on and off the yoga mat. In 2005, Ray studied with Bo Forbes, Phys. D. integrating the exploration of the 'core body' including the role of the psoas muscles, engagement of the 'bandhas' (energetic 'seals' or 'locks' ) and the practice of 'ujjayi' (upward, expansive or transcendent) breathing as essential components of the 'inner architecture' that give substance to the external forms of the 'asanas' (yoga postures). Ray teaches privately in the greater Boston area . He also teaches at Harvard University Recreation Program, the Clubs @ Charles River Park - operated by Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston.   He taught Sunrise Yoga  in the Rotunda dome of the Boston Harbor Hotel for 26 years, 3 x weekly from 1991 to 2017.  He has also taught Yoga as Physical Education  in the Boston Public School System and @ Belmont High School's Phys Ed Graduate Requirement  Program for 9 years.