Ray Iasiello began to practice yoga and meditation as a means to cope with anxiety attacks as a young man. He also used his awareness of universal primal energy as a means to help accomplish personal healing on the physical level.
He's been practicing and teaching in the Boston area for 25 years His teachers include Patricia Walden, Barbara Benagh, Angela Farmer, Victor Van Kooten, Doug Keller, Bo Forbes, Chloe Faith Wordsworth, and Karmu the Healer
. His teaching method focuses on awareness, attitude, alignment and action leading back to awareness as the means to refine one's practice to reach one's own 'growing edge.' Flow, explore asana, breathe, 5 season energy awareness, chi kung longevity exercises, meditation.

multi-level Hatha Yoga Classes - Ray-Yoga ~ Teaching Statement

His approach to teaching

Open to persons of all ages and abilities; We explore the "how to" and the benefits of reclining, seated, standing, twisting, forward/backbending & inverted poses along with the exploration of pranayama* and meditation. Deepen and expand your ability to focus your awareness: Learn to develop and sustain energy, inspiration and calmness. Improve your sense of balance,posture, physical strength and flexibility. (*Pranayama-traditionally defined as "breath control" can also be interpreted as, "opening to the flow of the Universal Energy.") See how you can benefit from the practice of Hatha (“sun, moon”) yoga in both your personal life as well as in any field of endeavor - athletic, artistic, scientific, technical etc. Develop breath awareness Explore Vinyasa - " particular step " the linking together of poses in flowing sequences; Sun Salutation A, B & the Moon Salutation. Learn the benefits of the 6 Tibetan Rites for Health and Longevity. Incorporate healing modalities and brain hemisphere integration exercises from the Resonance Repatterning™ healing system.Currently, I teach in the Harvard University Recreation Program ~ my class is called ' ASANA VINYASA Virtual Flow ' - open to members and affiliates of the Harvard University community.