Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga, Asana-Basic Definitions "Hatha Yoga" literally means the Uniting ('Yoga') of opposing energies ("Ha" ~ Sun "Tha" ~ Moon ) . It refers to the practice of the discipline of harmonizing the mind and the body with Spirit, a process in which the mind moves towards clarity and stillness and the body is purified, strengthened, and toned. This causes one's total Awareness to expand, deepen and opens the doorway to spontaneous Creativity. "Asana" literally means posture. Patanjali, the ancient Indian sage who is credited with first setting down the principles of yoga in writing, says that 'asana' is any posture that is both steady and comfortable, characterized by stillness, out of which Joy arises.

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Resonance Repatterning™

As stated on the homepage of the website of The International Resonance Repatterning™ Association " Resonance Repatterning™ is a process that makes it possible for us to create positive change in any area of our life where we experience limitation. Through the HR Process for Positive Change we are able to identify how our problems provide us with an opportunity to move to a higher level of coherence, order and awareness. Ultimately, all positive change involves moving to higher states of coherence within ourselves. Problems simply let us know that we have areas of non-coherence that need to be identified and transformed. "

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